SodaStream appoints Laura Wilson, new managing director for Australia


SodaStream, an international sparkling water brand, has appointed its first female managing director in Australia, Laura Wilson. 

Wilson is one of five female managing directors globally and has been with the company for almost 10 years as its Australian marketing director. Previously, she worked across a variety of industries including technology, solar, allied health and party plan.  

The move comes as SodaStream Australia’s previous managing director Mark Fenton takes on the role as managing director in the US – the first Australian to do so. 

As one of the strongest markets globally, Wilson will take the business in Australia to new heights as SodaStream continues its vision to revolutionise the global beverage industry. The aim is to provide choices that are better for consumers and the planet. 

“I am honoured to be given this opportunity, and one of the key things I am focused on as I commence my new role is ensuring we maintain our strong people focused culture,” Wilson said. 

“At SodaStream, we have six What Counts Factors that ensure every SodaStreamer knows and understands the key values of our organisation. One of these, and the most important in my opinion, is ‘One SodaStream – our focus on our people, culture and collaboration.’” 

Marked as one of her career highlights, Wilson launched SodaStream’s environmental campaign “Oceans of the Future” in 2019, which brought attention to plastic pollution. The campaign included a one-tonne turtle sculpture made of recycled plastic ocean waste and a bespoke virtual reality experience to emotionally connect consumers to the plastic pollution issue. 

Due to its strong results, Wilson won a global SodaStream marketing award for the campaign, the second in five years.  

“I’m truly proud to have worked for an organisation like SodaStream for close to ten years,” Wilson said. 

“We’re a company that takes action to make the planet a better place for the next generation – a fact we are proud of and openly highlight in our annual Sustainability Commitment Report.” 

SodaStream Australia has also embraced a more circular economy with its recycling and refurbishment initiative. Additionally, SodaStream will help avoid an additional 200 million single use plastic bottles by transitioning to metal bottles by 2025. 

Wilson commenced as managing director on 1 August. 


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