Softfruit launched in UK

Australian research and development company, Byron Food Science, has announced the commercialisation of its SOFTFRUIT technology in the UK.

Softfruit technology allows the economical production water activity controlled real fruits and these products are now available in Australia and New Zealand through Byron.

According to the company, the novel technology preserves the natural textures, flavours and colours of real fruit during the manufacturing process.

The process is fast, produces no by-products and can be manufactured close to the market place all year round.

The Byron technology enables the water activity of the fruit to match its specific application, whether added to dry breakfast cereals, high-moisture bakery items, dairy products, wet pie fillings or additions to sausage fillings.

Due to the efficiency of the process, functional food products that contain no added sugar, completely natural ingredients or pro- and prebiotic properties can be formulated.

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