Soups & Prepared Foods Award Finalists

The Soups & Prepared Foods Award finalists include Beerenberg Coopers Ale Barbeque Sauce, Bertolli Provincial Pasta Sauces, Continental Side Dish Macaroni Cheese, Coriander & Mint Relish, Dine, Heinz Cook At Home, McCormick Slow Cookers, Organic Bubs, Ozganics Curry Sauce Range, Pilpel Vegan Soups, Darikay Pesto, and Darikay Curry Meal Solutions, Pitango Organic and Carbon Neutral Risotto Range and Fresh Curry Meals and Salads To Go. FOOD Magazine congratulates all the finalists in this category.

Beerenberg Coopers Ale Barbeque Sauce

Beerenberg decided that a sauce made with Coopers beer would be uniquely and truly Australian, bringing back the authentic flavour of a good old-fashioned Aussie barbeque. The end product is a sauce that has a malty flavour, and a rich fruity and spicy taste. The deep, dark colour is due to the presence of the ale.

Bertolli Provincial Pasta Sauces

A range of Pasta Sauces inspired by local specialities of different regions of Italy, the flavours include a Creamy, Creamy Tomato and Tomato Range, providing a strong quality point of difference from existing Bertolli products, a change from existing mainstream formats, and a premium alternative to core pasta sauce offers.

Continental Side Dish Macaroni Cheese

Continental’s range of kid-friendly products is the only macaroni cheese that has been approved with a Heart Foundation Tick. The macaroni constitutes 25% of the recommended daily calcium needs, and takes into consideration balanced meal guidelines, aiming to assist mums in giving their families healthy meals. The macaroni consists of three variants — Super Saucy, Cheese & Bacon and Nacho Cheese.

Coriander & Mint Relish

Emelias Relish is free from any chemicals, gluten or additives. The relish is created by using fresh mint, coriander and spices and offers the market the clean, green taste of natural Australian produce. Emelias’ marketing has been achieved with the owners themselves travelling to every Australian town in order to showcasing the products they feel so passionately about.


The aim of the Dine cat food product re-launch is to delight consumers through enhanced flavour and format variety, improved cat acceptance, pack convenience, shopping experience and emotional connection. Variety of choice has been extended via the delivery of new product designs, and all pack formats now offer a peelable easy-open system.

Heinz Cook At Home

This baby-friendly ingredients range can be stirred, baked or poured to create any number of new meal varieties. Consumers do their own preparations at home, adding the product to fresh vegetables, pasta or meat. This products taps into the market of low-users of canned and jarred baby foods and those who choose to prepare baby meals themselves.

McCormick Slow Cookers

These six dry recipe bases were developed by McCormick specifically for the slow cooking method, which is gaining great popularity. Ensuring optimal flavour and filling a market gap, these packets have all the herbs and spices already measured out. Just add the recipe base to the slow cooker appliance together with meat and liquid and let the appliance do the rest.

Organic Bubs

A range of ready-to-serve children’s meals made from 100% certified organic fresh ingredients, Organic Bubs’ meals are prepared by hand in small batches, using home-style cooking methods such as steaming, baking and slow cooking. Using the finest Australian-grown produce from certified organic growers and wholesalers, ingredients are cooked fresh and immediately snap-frozen to lock in all their natural flavour, colour and nutrients, and to avoid over-processing.

Ozganics Curry Sauce Range

These Indian Curry Sauces – Butter Chicken, Roghan Josh, and Tikka Masala – hold Organic Certification, and are gluten, dairy and egg free. The flavour blends stand alone when cooking, offering a quick, easy and nutritional alternative in food preparation, and the in-house spice blends ensure product consistency and unique flavour results.

Pilpel Vegan Soups, Darikay Pesto, and Darikay Curry Meal Solutions

Pilpel produces gourmet soups, curries and dips using the freshest vegetables which are hand-cut to create nutritious products with deep flavours. There is no compromise on quality, and no fillers used to substitute the best ingredients. The range of soups have all been awarded medals by Sydney Royal Fine Food, winning gold, silver and bronze.

Pitango Organic and Carbon Neutral Risotto Range and Fresh Curry Meals

Pitango are the world’s first fresh meal manufacturer to become carbon neutral with carboNZero certification. Using premium ingredients grown in the New Zealand’s south island, and importing premium organic ingredients from hand-picked sites around the world, Pitango’s gourmet meals are made with the highest quality ingredients, and are presented in stylish packages with artwork to emphasise the products’ unique benefits.

Salads To Go

Mrs Crockets’ salad range was developed for time-poor consumers looking for a healthy, convenient meal solution. The protein salads offer nutritionally balanced, tasty meals and the two varieties cater for a wide taste sphere, offering consumer choice – traditional ham and cheese salad with mustard dressing and a Thai-inspired flavour.

The Soups & Prepared Foods Award is proudly sponsored by Flavour Makers.

Lena Zak is the editor of FOOD Magazine.

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