South Australia confectioner going green

Robern Menz, the South Australian confectionery known for Menz FruChoc, has announced a major upgrade to the production facility at Glynde, Adelaide.

By investing $1.1 million over the next 10 months, the project will involves an overhaul of the business’ refrigeration plant and warehousing infrastructure.

A major focus of the project is to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and once implemented will have significant environmental benefits. The refrigeration/warehouse upgrade will see an annual reduction in the company’s CO2 emissions by 248 tonnes.

Robern Menz has been assisted in the development through the Australian Government’s ‘Retooling for Climate Change’ programme, which awarded the project a $500,000 grant.

The new equipment will help reduce power consumption by 11%, which will provide a major cost saving.

A consequence of this project will be the benefit of increased productivity for the business through greater temperature consistency throughout the factory. 

Robern Menz CEO Philip Sims said, “We are most grateful for the Australian Governments assistance and their recognition of the positive impact on the environment this project will create. A critical success factor has been the dedication and skill of the project team which included Robern Menz employees and a number of key advisor stakeholders.”

Work on the project is expected to commence soon and will include the installation of new internal walls, pipe-work installation, new compressors and pumps and the removal of 25 old energy inefficient units. There is an expected completion date of February 2012.  


Image courtesy of https://farm3.static.flickr.com

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