Soybean crops at 13-year high

Soybean growers in Victoria have created their biggest crop in the last 13 years with 1000 hectares devoted to the legume.

Colin Bowey, Echucha agronomist told the ABC farmers have realised soybeans are cheaper to plant than most other summer crops, and have planted them for the first time this year.

"What we worked our gross margins on, is being able to grow a crop for a long time and keep those rotations in place," he said.

"Even if water prices do go up, we feel there is enough in it to keep growing it and it also complements our whole farming system."

Some new growers have experienced minor issues trying to establish the new crop, but most are performing well, Bowey said.

In New South Wales’ Riverina region, growers have planted more than 6,000 hectares of soybeans this year.

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