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Sparking culinary experiences with new caviar – Aquna Gold

ASX-listed company and home-grown Australian success story, Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod has launched Aquna Gold, their new caviar.

Exclusively available for purchase from quality food providore, Simon Johnson, from today it promises to elevate the culinary experiences of Australians by infusing a touch of opulence into their home dining.

Aquna Gold is made from award-winning Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod roe in the Riverina region of New South Wales and is an expression of true luxury with its unique flavour – pure-tasting, lightly salted with a freshwater aroma and poppy texture.

The world-first caviar is a testament to Aquna’s whole-fish philosophy, made possible through the innovative techniques developed by the company to utilise Murray Cod roe for caviar.

Like leading sustainable chef and Aquna ambassador, Josh Niland’s scale-to-tail approach to cooking fish, the journey of creating Aquna Gold began with Josh using Murray Cod roe to create caviar, which inspired Lisa Downs, Caviar ambassador at Simon Johnson to co-develop the world-first caviar with Aquna.

Aquna Gold is intended for sustainability-conscious Australians who prefer ethically sourced produce.

“At Aquna, we are continually looking at ways to utilise the whole fish, and we take immense pride in introducing this exclusive caviar to the market,” said Ross Anderson, Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod Executive Chairman.

“For those who prefer to give it a try when dining out, Aquna Gold is available at fine-dining and award-winning restaurants such as Bennelong, QUAY Firedoor and other restaurants in Victoria and Western Australia.”

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