SPC acquires PomLife

SPC has invested further in Australian manufacturing by acquiring superfood brand PomLife. The purchase brings another renowned fruit brand under the company’s business umbrella.

PomLife was established in 2008 by owner Australian Pomegranate Growers (APG) in the Goulburn Valley and has turned into a business that through innovation, now delivers a highly sought after range of high-quality products.

SPC has assumed ownership of the manufacturing processing plant, expanding the business’ manufacturing capacity. APG will continue to own its pomegranate orchards in the Goulburn Valley. They will harvest and supply seasonal fruit to SPC on an annual basis.

“As we continue to grow SPC into a global leader in the food and beverage market, we have been investing in expanding our range within our fruit basket. Bringing PomLife, a neighbourhood business from Ardmona, into the SPC family, was a natural addition. As PomLife’s operation gets integrated into our Shepparton plant, we will increase our plant utilisation around the year and expand our fruit portfolio to include an amazing range of new pomegranate-based products,” said SPC CEO, Robert Giles.

Although a recent entrant to the Australian culinary scene, pomegranate has been a staple ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine for thousands of years. In addition to its status as one of nature’s superfruit and snacks, it is used in desserts, confectionery, marinades for both lamb and poultry and an ingredient in baking. The fruit has been more noticeable in Sydney and Melbourne’s trendy cafés and restaurants in the last few years. SPC expects the integration of this fruit into the mainstream Australian cuisine will continue as more chefs use the fruit in its recipes like the avocado did in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

“We are proud to have played a part in introducing the Australian community to this wonderful fruit with all its benefits. The PomLife brand has found a new home at SPC, where it can thrive and reach new heights. APG will continue to develop our orchard and support the iconic SPC business in their future endeavours in the pomegranate
space and beyond,” said APG CEO, Gal Shapir.

SPC believes that Australia is strategically positioned to lead the world in agri-business innovation and will continue to look to innovative businesses and ideas from around the world and bring them home to Australia.