SPC rebrands for the future

Australian food and beverage manufacturer SPC has launched its new corporate brand and vision, It’s Time For Better, in line with the company’s strategy to become a global business with best in class products.

In a strategic first for the company in its more than 100-year history, the business will position a corporate brand proposition that will house its family of brands including SPC consumer, Goulburn Valley, Ardmona, Kuisine, Provital and Pomlife. The new corporate positioning aims to support SPC’s global growth strategy and the diversification of its portfolio of products and brands.

With its new vision, SPC will reclaim its position as a leader in food that sells value-added and innovative products around the world. SPC is investing in the Australian agri-sector through initiatives like the Pomlife and Kuisine acquisition as well as its collaborative joint venture with Döhler to create a better, sustainable and globally viable business.

The new corporate logo represents a dynamic sun symbolising the hope for a better tomorrow. As the world’s most reliable natural resource, the sun represents the company’s global vision while retaining a strong link with nature and Australia.

SPC Chair, Hussein Rifai, said: “This is a really exciting time for all of us here at SPC as we build a global company that will play a positive role in feeding the world. Paying respect to our heritage, we will nurture our roots here in Australia; deepen them and branch out to ensure we reach the rest of the world.

“Our goal is to inspire Australian businesses and governments to collaborate on the long term security and viability of food manufacturing in Australia. We will also work alongside international governments and global businesses to distribute high-quality, wholesome food around the world,”  Rifai said.

SPC CEO, Robert Giles, said: “Over a long period, we have seen an increase in reliance on foods imported from overseas which has resulted in losing the skill and expertise of agri-businesses in Australia. To safeguard Australia’s food security we need to protect our intellectual property in creative foods as well as foods of the future. We also have to create more valued-added food products so that we can stand on our own two feet and take our products to the world.

“Even with a global pandemic, we have seen our business go from strength to strength – in 2020 alone we have launched over 100 new food and beverage products. We firmly believe that it will be manufacturers and innovators like SPC who will help drive Australia’s post-COVID economic recovery. We must all take the opportunity to support those businesses so they can become leading brands that service not only the Australian population but the world.

“We have placed greater value on collaboration and entrepreneurship both from within SPC and outside – it’s why we have partnered with Döhler, CSIRO, and invested in Pomlife and Kuisine and we look forward to building on these,” Giles said.

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