SPC tells 170 fruit-growers they’re no longer needed

Food industry groups say they will lobby the Federal Government for a support package after SPC Ardmona told 170 fruit-growers in the Goulburn Valley they would no longer accept their produce.

ABC News reports the food giant told growers at meetings yesterday their produce would not be accepted from May 1.


SPC said the high exchange rate and a decline in export markets forced the decision, and Apple and Pear Australia chairman John Lawrenson said the decision came on the back of previous moves by SPC to dramatically reduce its fruit intake.


“I know that Fruitgrowers Victoria are taking up the cudgels and is moving quite quickly on this and we're there to provide support as well,” he said.


The Northern Victorian Fruitgrowers Association said it would hold meetings with growers before lobbying the Government for an assistance package to help growers left without an income.

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