Split sauce-onality

A new sauce pack that combines both ketchup and mustard side by side, in the same pack, has a US Patent pending.

Squeezing it between your finger and thumb, puts both mustard and ketchup on your hot dog exactly where you want it.

This package, called a BeePak, is designed in the shape of a heart for single serve uses. It has two separate pocket chambers, which when squeezed together, create two separate streams of product.

The front edge of the pack, then acts as a spreader or knife if you want to mix the sauces together.

To open the BeePak a small tab covering the dual openings at the front of the pack is removed, and then the two sides are squeezed together.

The sauces then flow out as two separate streams side-by-side.

Currently single serve packages for sauces contain just one sauce, and come either as small dipping tubs, or squeezable sachets.

Both types of pack tend to be often hard to open and messy.

According to the company, the BeePak allows the user to control how much and where the sauces should flow, and because the openings are visible and well away from the user’s finger and thumb, there is no mess.

If the user then wants to mix or spread the sauce, then the front blade acts as a spreader, so there is no need for a knife, making it an easy one hand operation.

When launched at Pack Expo in Chicago, the BeePak caused quite a sensation — as industry professionals could immediately see how easy the pack was to use, and saw its potential use for a whole range of products and market areas.

Products included ketchups, mustards, mayonnaise, dairy creamers, salad dressings and cooking oils, jams, honey, maple syrup and spices.

The BeePak can be used for combinations like butter and jam; ketchup and mayo, vinegar and salad oil — but can also be used for one product on both sides of the pack.

The pack is formed and sealed using Multivac form, fill seal equipment — with a 5mm sealing edge separating the two wing pockets on each side of the central body.

A dual filling operation enables two separate liquids to be filled on both sides, before the whole package is sealed.

Using a Multivac R535 form, fill seal machine over 80 million units can be produced on a single shift 50 week year.

The size of pack will depend on the application, and the mould size that has been formed.

Tstix International Licensing, the Australian company behind the invention is looking to License the rights to the invention to interested companies.

Tstix is also behind the Tstix invention too — a micro-filter stick pack for teas and coffees, and a winner of a 2008 prestigious Worldstar Award for packing excellence.

In the US, Tstix is represented by Pti (Packaging Technology and Inspection systems) based in New Jersey.

Pti’s Sanjeet Saxena is convinced that there is a huge market for the BeePak across a range of products.

“Single serve products are one of the fastest growth categories in the food sector, as the number of single households grows,” Saxena said.

“Single serve packages give consumers choice and security particularly in the airlines, food service and hospitality area, where speed of service is all important.

“By combining two products in the one package this also eliminates much of the wastage too. The in-built spreader also eliminates the need for a knife to spread a product — so there is less to clean up, which is also a saving in staff time.”

From honey and jams, to chocolate and ketchup, milk to body lotions, this little pack is likely to set a new trend in the market.

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