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Squealing Pig announces new range of wine

Known for its playful approach to winemaking, Squealing Pig announces a new range of wine alternatives hitting shelves this month.

Known for its innovative and playful approach to winemaking, quirky wine brand, Squealing Pig is proud to announce a new range of wine alternatives hitting shelves this month.

As more consumers look to moderate their alcohol intake, the demand for alternatives that offer a full flavour experience without the full impact of alcohol has skyrocketed.

Squealing Pig has expanded beyond its usual portfolio of full-strength wines by creating six new varieties for a zero and lower in alcohol range of wines.

The Squealing Pig Zero alcohol range features a Sauvignon Blanc available in two sizes – a 750ml bottle and a 375ml bottle, as well as a Rosé in a convenient 375ml format.

For those wanting a lower in alcohol and lower in calorie beverage that doesn’t compromise on taste, the Mid Pig range portfolio includes a low-alcohol Prosecco, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc, all in 750ml bottles.

These thoughtfully crafted NOLO alternatives cater to a wide variety of palettes and preferences, ensuring there’s a perfect Squealing Pig wine for anyone who might be moderating or removing their alcohol intake altogether.

It gives those the choice to continue being part of a social occasion with friends and family, but with the option to still enjoy a glass of wine – just a zero or lighter alternative.

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