‘Steam Fresh’ baby vegetables launch in Australia

McCain Foods will be the first to launch a range of Steam Fresh Baby Vegetables into the Australian market this month.

The Steam Fresh Baby Vegetables in 480 grams bags will each contain four 120 gram microwavable bags with a RRP of $3.69.

The range includes single bags of baby peas, baby beans, and super juicy corn kernels.

Also available will be mixed bags of two vegetables – corn kernels and baby peas, and a three vegetable mix of corn kernels, diced carrot and baby peas.

McCain Foods Australia/New Zealand marketing director, Derrin Johnson, said “we expect the new Steam Fresh Baby Vegetables will have impact in the category because of the popularity of mixed vegetables such as baby peas, corn kernels and carrots.”

Johnson said consumers were also attracted by the convenience of microwaving, sweet taste of baby vegetables, and health aspects of the steamed vegetable products.

“Our research shows that consumers found microwaving Steam Fresh Baby Vegetables as an easy way to eat them. This gives them the opportunity of picking their favourite vegetables for meals with single portions of baby peas, baby beans or super juicy corn kernels also proving popular,” he added.

The range will be available at Woolworths, Coles and IGA/Foodworks independent supermarkets across Australia by early December.

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