Stolen Rum set to ramp up sales with Beam distribution deal

Auckland based spirits company, Stolen Rum has signed a distribution agreement with Beam Australia which will include a route-to-market distribution agreement with Coca-Cola Amatil.

Stolen Rum has demonstrated a strong track record within the Australian and New Zealand markets through impressive year-on-year growth, coupled with innovative below the line marketing campaigns which involved strategically seeding the spirit in key bars across Australia.

The brand which was launched in 2010, has enjoyed a 178 percent uplift in case sales (2012 from 2011) and forecasts a further 208 percent growth in 2013.

Co-founder and CEO of Stolen Rum, Jamie Duff believes that the distribution deal with Beam Australia and Coca-Cola Amatil will be pivotal to the brands success.

“Lots of NZ and Aussie drinkers have so far responded really positively to Stolen Rum, and this has given us a sense of confidence with our growth and innovation plans.  Australian drinkers seem to be looking for high quality, unique rum and we’re here to provide it," says Duff

"We’re aiming to not only be the fastest growing rum brand in the world, but to be innovative and create one of the most loyal fan bases. Our spiced rum is part of a new wave of rum, it’s edgy and we think it’s what consumers want.”

Managing director of Beam Oceania, Steve Inch believes that the new partnership will serve to be mutually beneficial to all parties.

“Since Stolen Rum partnered with our team in New Zealand we have been keeping a close eye on its impressive performance and feel like it’s already part of the family. We’ve been working with the Stolen Rum team to expand the brand’s presence in Australia due to the brand’s own impressive growth and the trend here towards premiumisation. Adding a premium rum brand to our portfolio is a strategic move for Beam and for our strong partnership with CCA,” said Inch.

The Stolen Rum range is available in three flavours; Stolen white, Stolen Spiced and Stolen Gold.

Stolen Gold and Stolen White were awarded gold medals from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2011 and 2012 and are matured in individually chosen charred oak barrels from the Caribbean.

In the US the product will be named “Stolen Coffee and Cigarettes Spiced Rum”, however due to anti-tobacco advertising legislation in Australia, the product will launch here with a censored label.


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