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Straight Up launches into energy drink market

Straight Up launches into energy drink market

Australian owned Straight Up Energy has launched into the energy drink category with three new flavours – Green Apple, Mango and Passionfruit, and Watermelon and Pineapple.

“Straight Up is an energy drink made by Aussies, for Aussies. It’s here to inject some reality and humility into the farcical world of energy drinks. We’ve seen energy drinks claim they can give people everything from super powers, to even sending someone up into space, but none of this is about being real. Also, providing Australian retailers some local price and distribution certainty in this globally-owned category has been a core factor of our retail conversations so far.” says Jake Sherriff, Straight Up’s founder.

“We wanted to create a voice of reason, an understated brand which Aussies can really identify with. Straight Up is a no-nonsense brand that does things differently from all the others by simply focusing on delivering a refreshing, great tasting and better-for-you energy drink.”

Straight Up is the first brand to incorporate SENACTIV™, a non-stimulant energy source. It doesn’t contain caffeine and naturally helps the body to produce energy. It is also a recovery booster ingredient that supports energy production and mitigates muscle inflammation, speeding up the recovery process.

Straight Up’s drink is also sugar-free and contains only six calories.

“We’ve worked really hard to bring a game changing, healthier product to market that meets the needs of Australians and evolves the energy drink market beyond the legacy morning, male tradie buyers,” says Sheriff.

“Straight Up offers Australians looking to beat that afternoon slump a healthier alternative to caffeine-fuelled coffee and chocolate hits. We’re confident that this unique product will revolutionise the energy drink category and attract a whole new consumer.”

Straight Up’s packaging cuts through the energy drink’s rainbow coloured fridge due to its simplistic and stylish packaging, reflecting the brand’s understated approach and focus on doing the important things well – making a great energy drink.

“Our product will appeal to those looking for a refreshing, better-for-you energy drink option, that has previously felt self-conscious about their aggressive energy drink can, and also those shoppers that have long ago written off energy drinks as a viable option. We’re here to shake up the category and attract a new type of consumer,” says Sheriff.

Straight Up is available exclusively in BP petrol and convenience stores.

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