Strapping machines available for trial

Currently in Europe there are over 1500 SMB strappers in operation and in USA they hold approximately 80% of the high-speed newspaper industry.

SMB machines are the fastest on the world market, strapping at speeds of up to 45 bundles per minute. They are also the most reliable on the market; with no service needed until 1,000,000 cycles.

SMB are now in stock at Australian Warehouse Solutions.

AWS Managing Director Peter Holmes said that “the SMB machines are relatively new to Australia. To get established we would like the SMB strappers to be in the field and we invite companies with high volume PP strapping applications to trial SMB for 6 months without obligation”.

This offer is available till the end of May 2008.

The SMB strappers are fitted with jumbo 12, 200 metre rolls of strapping that significantly reduces roll changes. They are also the most high-tech strapping equipment and the SMB range is comprehensive — strap inline, off-line, automatically or semi-automatically.

AWS has specialised in providing innovative and cost-effective strapping solutions since 1977.

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