Stress-busting wild green oat extract

Frutarom’s Neuravena has been proved in the results of two recent in-vivo studies to improve stress-coping abilities and cognitive function/activity, confirming the results of previous in vitro investigations and offering manufactures of mental health functional food products an innovative ingredient.

Neuravena (EFLA 955), Frutarom’s wild green oat extract, has been shown to enhance stress coping abilities as well as learning performance.

The phytonutrients present in the extract are believed to affect the activity of cerebral enzymes closely related to mental health and cognitive function.

Study 1: Changes in brain activity

Nonspecific effects on the brain can be investigated by measuring changes in brain activity.

In the first study the effect of orally administered Neuravena on the electrical brain activity of rats was examined.

Increasing individual doses of the oat extract were administered to the animals at 90-minute intervals.

Changes in the electrical activity of the brain were measured continuously over a period of five hours.

Results of the study showed that Neuravena has stimulating effects on brain activity, with the highest dose exerting the greatest effect.

The observed effects on electrical brain activity, the so-called electrical fingerprint, is indicative of the stimulating properties of Neuravena.

A subsequent database comparison of the electrical fingerprint of Neuravena with the activity profiles of various drugs affecting the central nervous system revealed that Neuravena stimulates brain activity in a similar way to pharmaceuticals used in the treatment of dementia.

Study 2: Behavioural studies on stress-coping abilities and learning performance

A second study investigated the effect of Neuravena on the central nervous system in a series of standardised behavioural trials.

A group of 12 rats was administered a dose of 1g/kg bodyweight with food over a period of seven weeks, while another group was given ten times this dose and a control group received a normal diet.

The results indicated enhanced stress-coping abilities and alertness, as well as an improvement in general learning performance and speed of learning.

Moreover, a positive effect on social behaviour was observed. A subsequent pathological examination also confirmed that ingestion of Neuravena is safe and well tolerated in subchronic treatment.

Neuravena promotes stress coping abilities and exerts a positive effect on cognitive performance, most probably mainly on concentration and learning ability.

In view of the growing market for mental health products, considerable potential will unfold for the extract.

Like other extracts of the EFLA line, Frutarom manufactures the extract exclusively from an oat variety cultivated especially for Frutarom by contract growing. This variety is characterised by a particularly high bioactivity and was selected by bioassay screening.


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