Strong Roots demonstrates new climate footprint packaging

Strong Roots carbon footprint packaging

Strong Roots will showcase its new carbon footprint packaging at trade shows later this year, making them the first ever frozen plant-based brand to display climate footprint scores on the front of its packs.

Strong Roots, which offers simple and real plant-based food with readable ingredients, is allowing its customers to check their climate impact quickly and understandably through its new packaging.

Samuel Dennigan, founder and CEO of Strong Roots said, “Shoppers choose a B Corp brand for a reason. With sustainability at the core of our product offering we wanted to illustrate how proud we are of our conscious attitude towards our footprint and to educate people on their personal carbon usage.

Placing carbon details front of pack is a small change for us, but it has a big impact in placing sustainability front-of-mind. I believe that as food producers it is our job to make food better, for people and for the planet, and we at Strong Roots will continue to remain hungry for new food innovations that can do this.”

Dennigan added that they were excited to see the positive reaction to the packaging at the Plant Based World Expo.

Strong Roots will also be showcasing their climate footprint packaging on both their core product offerings and a first look into their innovative plans for 2023 at the upcoming Natural Products Expo East in Philadelphia from September 28th to October 1st.

Well-known for their vegetarian burgers and bites, Strong Roots is entering a brand new product category – Meals for One/Frozen Entrees– and gave Plant Based World Expo attendees a first look into their expanded line of single-serve entrées.

Strong Roots have been expanding their global reach and leading in innovation in plant-based frozen foods, with very strong sales growth in the United States of 33.5 per cent increase in sales year on year.

With the frozen food category outgrowing fresh by 230 per cent so far this year, and over 50 per cent of American shoppers saying that rising meat prices have made them more curious about trying plant-based food options, this is a pivotal time for the

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