Success at home and overseas

Four years ago, JMP recognised that if it was to continue its growth in the palletising and packaging market it would have to change its business model and way of manufacturing.

New Zealand has been hit hard by the cheaper Chinese products being imported into Australia and New Zealand.

JMP did not want to give up manufacturing in New Zealand so took the decision to export, despite the dollar’s value not being favourable, and to increase the work load to streamline its manufacturing and processes.

This was made easier with the support of Kawasaki Robotics and by being able to sell Robotic systems designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

To support the number of systems being installed, especially in Australia, JMP Australia was formed under the management of Cameron Traum.

This way JMP New Zealand could manufacture the systems and Traum could sell, install and service the systems locally.

JMP Australia is currently installing its largest Robotic Palletising system in Australia for Nestle, which consists of twelve lanes palletising at a rate of over 60 cartons per minute.

Systems have been sold in Australia to Fonterra, Dairy Farmers, Simplot, Nestle, SCA and Goodman Fielder, to name a few, which have all been manufactured in New Zealand.

JMP has also designed and developed robotic case packing, which uses Kawasaki robots to pick up the robotic palletising on the end of lines.

Both the up-stream and down-stream lines can be sourced from one supplier.

JMP holds complete robots in stock, both in Australia and New Zealand, to guarantee 100% spares and parts are always in-house.

Because the systems are manufactured in New Zealand they are fully set up and run in front of the customer prior to installation.

This makes on-site commissioning quick and easy, and gives the operators confidence that the system will work, allowing them to embrace the system quickly and easily.


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