Sugar-free crush candies

BENEO-Palatinit’s Isomalt has been used for the development of a new kind of candy.

“Crush Candies”, the name given to an innovative, sugarfree product currently being manufactured and sold in Asia and Europe, are manufactured like classic, deposited hard boiled candies but differ in that they are cooled with liquid nitrogen, resulting in fine cracks being formed on the surface.

When sucked or chewed the candies disintegrate in the mouth, releasing flavour quickly and intensely.

Look and feel

The crystal clear “glass” surface that is achieved by using Isomalt results in individual cracks on the candies being clearly visible while achieving a smooth, even exterior.

Since Isomalt candies are stable and abrasion-resistant, no unwanted chippings occur after packaging, storage or transport.

Fruity flavours

Isomalt is derived from pure beet sugar and therefore has a mild, sugar-like sweetness about 50% that of sucrose.

It does, however, have more scope for flavour development.

Consumer tests conducted by BENEO-Palatinit showed that candies made with Isomalt are often considered more fruity.

This effect supports the novel release of flavour in crush candies.


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