Sultry Sally potato chips will seduce

Potato chips are a firmly entrenched favourite when it comes to savoury snacks, and now thanks to Australian ingenuity Sultry Sally is set to turn the potato chip market on its head.

Available in four classic flavours – Rock Salt, Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar, Cheese & Onion and Thai Sweet Chilli & Lime – Sultry Sally potato chips are not only 97% fat-free, but are preservative and gluten free as well. Made from real Australian potatoes (with their skins left on) they are produced using a new baking process entirely unique to Sultry Sally.

Sultry Sally Director, Tim Pethick, says that “our ground breaking baking process allows us to take out most of the fat, but none of the flavour. The result is a spectacularly satisfying snack without any guilt.”

The Sultry Sally branding adds a new dimension of desirability to packaging in the snack food category. Reminiscent of post war Vargas Girls, the Sultry Sally logo reminds of the simple glamour of days gone by.

Sultry Sally will be available in shops in June with RRP $3.99 for 125gm packet.

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