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Sunny Queen serves up a gluten free solution for coeliac sufferers

Sunny Queen Meal Solutions is helping to cater for coeliac sufferers with its pre-prepared real egg meals designed exclusively for commercial kitchens and the hospitality industry. In Australia 1 in 60 women and 1 in 80 men are affected by coeliac disease, and following a strict gluten free diet is the only way they can minimise their symptoms.

Based on research that has shown Australians indulge in 30.5 million take-away and 21 million eat-in visits every month, Kate Di Prima, an accredited practicing dietician with 23 years’ experience, has advised that restaurants revisit their menu offering to help alleviate the grief coeliac customers face when purchasing pre-made meals.

“Food intolerances are becoming more common every day, so it’s important that cafes and restaurants keep up with our changing dietary needs,” she said.

“The safest way to cater for coeliac sufferers is to offer egg options, as eggs are a simple and suitable gluten free solution – high in nutrients and protein, and are naturally gluten free, providing a low risk option for people with coeliac disease.”

John O’Hara, Managing Director of Sunny Queen Meal Solutions, said it’s important for hospitality and catering businesses to cater for all dietary requirements, in particular for the more prevalent diseases currently affecting Australians.

“From omelettes and poached eggs for breakfast to fritters and egg bakes for dinner, eggs are an incredibly versatile meal option that will satisfy both coeliac sufferers and those without dietary restrictions,” he said.

“We’re proud that the entire Sunny Queen Meal Solutions product range is gluten free, providing the hospitality industry with a range of suitable meal options to add to their menus.”

Sunny Queen Meal Solutions products use real eggs, fresh from Sunny Queen farms, and are prepared within stringent health and safety guidelines to ensure they can be consumed by customers that are gluten intolerant.

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