Sunny Queen’s new meal solutions products

Known for innovation and smiley faced eggs, Sunny Queen Australia has launched a new breakfast hero, the all-in-one Crustless Quiche range perfect for breakfast.

The Crustless Quiche range, which includes ‘Bacon & Hash Brown’ and ‘Veggie & Hash Brown’ flavours, is the latest addition to be ‘whipped up’ in a line of highly innovative, category-leading, product offerings from Sunny Queen’s Meal Solutions range.

What makes this product so unique is the classic pairing of hash brown and egg. Each Crustless Quiche offers a double portion of hash brown, packed full on the inside and then topped off with a crispy hash brown to add a crunchy bite.

Sunny Queen Australia National Marketing Manager, Isabelle Dench said the new Crustless Quiche range is nutritious, high in protein, quick and easy to serve products, perfect for many different food service providers such as Aged Care, Café and Hospitality businesses.

“Our new range was developed to satisfy consumers looking for tasty and healthy breakfast, with 10-11g of protein in every 120g serve. Designed to fit the ‘ready-to-go’ lifestyle, they are ready to be served in less than three minutes,” Isabelle said.

As well as announcing the launch of its brand new all-in-one Crustless Quiche range, Sunny Queen has also introduced a redesign to its French Toast packaging.

The popular, snap-frozen, Cinnamon French Toast is now available in a smaller 18 slice bag (previously it was only available in a carton of 54 slices), which was designed as a more convenient option for kitchens of all sizes.

“Consumers love our classic French Toast and through the reconfiguration of packaging, we hope to support our customers to provide convenient, easy to prepare meals,” Isabelle said.

“Like the Crustless Quiche range, our French Toast takes just three minutes from frozen to prepare, so it is perfect as a take-away or a plated breakfast option. It is also a great upsell with any coffee or drinks,” Isabelle said.

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