Super-trawler sets sail

The controversial super-trawler banned by Environment Minister Tony Burke has changed its name and set sail for an unknown location outside Australian waters.

AAP reports the factory ship set sail on Wednesday afternoon after spending six months moored at Port Lincoln.

The ship has also reverted to its original name, the Margiris, which it had before being rebranded to the Abel Tasman on arrival in Australia.

Following Seafish Tasmania's move to drop its stake in the project, the Margiris is now wholly owned by Dutch company Parlevliet & Van der Plas, and while its final desitnation is unknown the ship sailed east from South Australia.

Seafish originally brought the trawler to Australia to fish an 18,000 tonne quota of jack mackerel and redbait, and the federal ban has cost the company around $10,000 a day.

According to AAP the company is due in the Federal Court in Brisbane later this month to continue legal action against the Government.

With the ship on its way out of the country, Burke stood by his decision to place a two year ban on its operation.

“The Gillard government makes no apology for not taking risks when it comes to protecting our precious oceans,” he said.

Image: ABC

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