Supply agreement for Australian organic honey

Meluka Health has entered two supply agreements with Bee Services, one of Australia’s largest producers of organic certified honey.

The first agreement is an exclusive supply agreement for honey produced from hives located on two organic melaleuca tea tree plantations, Jendale and Robyndale, located in the Bungawalbyn valley basin of NSW.

Jendale is an old growth plantation that is wild crafted in its natural state and has been identified as an origin of the species plantation for the melaleuca alternifolia. Robyndale is a farmed organic melaleuca tea tree plantation.

The second agreement is for supply of honey that is produced in the region of the Bungawalbyn valley basin.

“It is great to be able to produce such a unique and quality honey reflecting the power of these amazing Australian botanical species. For over 100 years bees have been harvesting honey in this area producing a superb product,” said Wayne Fuller, Director and principal of Bee Services.


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