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Last year Diageo Australia made the decision to voluntarily move production to two standard drinks or less across all their single serve ready to drink (RTD) products, creating a maximum standard drinks serve of two.

This decision is part of wider efforts by Diageo to work with their stakeholders – including consumers, hoteliers, retailers, and the community to build a culture of responsible drinking in Australia.

According to the company, introducing this limit will equip consumers to better manage their rate of consumption and build greater understanding of RTDs.

In addition, it has been, and will continue to be, Diageo’s standard practice to exclude Taurine as an ingredient in any of their products. Part of their global policy is that the use of caffeine is approved only up to levels permitted for soft drinks.

Diageo Australia Managing Director Eleanor Craig said, “I am delighted to see other producers of RTDs taking these steps. Diageo Australia made the decision to introduce the two standard drink limit last year, and via our industry association Distilled Spirits Industry Council of Australia, we are lobbying for FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) to extend the mandatory labelling of energy drinks to also include those ‘so-called’ energy drinks that contain alcohol.

“While not publishing these moves broadly, we have found our customers and stakeholders to be very receptive. We applaud the decision that other producers are moving towards these measures.”

Following the decision to introduce the two standard drink limit, Diageo is currently in the process of implementation throughout the production process to ensure availability as soon as possible.

Diageo is committed to building a sustainable industry by promoting, and where possible leading on responsible drinking. Last year Diageo launched the mid-strength RTD segment with the launch of the Super Dry range. Initially launched at sports stadiums, this RTD range has now been launched nationally despite adverse taxes that actively discourage the production of mid-strength spirit-based RTDs.

Diageo calls on the government to review the tax rates for midstrength RTDs to be aligned with those for mid-strength beer. The Super Dry range is 3.5%ABV and the 375ml can amounts to one standard drink. This extension to the RTD portfolio offers consumers greater choice and addresses a variety of different occasions.

Diageo is fully committed to promoting responsible drinking and bringing about positive attitudes to alcohol – simply put the company says “we want every Australian to enjoy our brands responsibly.”

For further information contact:

Ron Ainsbury

Diageo Australia

02 9931 9802

Cleo Smeeth

Diageo Australia

02 9017 7402

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