Sustainability framework community survey focuses on eggs

Victorian poultry farms

Voconiq is once again working with Australian Eggs to continue a program of research exploring Australian community perceptions about the egg industry. The survey is open until midnight, Monday, 20 June 2022.

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Community views on the egg industry

Funded by Australian Eggs, the sustainability framework community survey has been undertaken annually since 2018. Across the four years of research to date, more than 33,000 community members have participated. The initial research program was conducted by CSIRO, and has been continued by Voconiq from 2021.  

Each year research is conducted using a survey of Australians through a statistically representative sample of over 5,000 people as well as an ‘open call’ to participate for anyone that is interested. The goal is to examine industry issues, both positive and negative, from multiple angles to understand the values driving community attitudes. 

Once each research cycle is complete, the research is given to the egg industry to help guide the Sustainability Framework Report.


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