Sweetener lowers calories and maintains flavour

Trials conducted by independent research body Lintech RSSL indicate the high-intensity sweetener Sunett (Acesulfame K), produced by Nutrinova, an international supplier of specialty ingredients, can be used to totally or partially replace sugar and reduce calorie levels while maintaining flavour.

Sunett enables the development of calorie-reduced products in which sugar is partially or fully replaced, opening up opportunities for manufacturers in the booming market segment for health and weight-conscious consumers who prefer sweetened products, but do not want to increase the calorie content or compromise on taste.

In addition, the synergies of Sunett with other high intensity sweeteners and sucrose lead to an overall reduction in sweetener costs, meaning manufacturers can enjoy significant economical advantages while consumers get better-tasting products.

Nutrinova will present the results of its research into the impact of Sunett (Acesulfame K) in strawberry flavoured yoghurt at F.I (Food Ingredients) Europe in London from October 30 to November 1, 2007.

Visitors at F.I. Europe will be able to sample a selection of Nutrinova’s low-calorie beverages in many applications ranging from flavoured waters, teas, and energy drinks, to drinkable yoghurt and flavoured milk.

Nutrinova will also showcase its range of premium quality Sorbates at F.I Europe.

Representatives from Nutrinova will be available to discuss the benefits of using the Sorbates as well as offer technical expertise and application advice on Sunett and the Sorbates range.

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