SY series of valve manifolds proves a real space saver

SMC, a leading provider of pneumatics continues to support customers with local manufacturing. The SY series of valve manifolds are manufactured and stocked locally across Australia and New Zealand.  With its diverse customer base, the company covers all automation industries and provides solutions for customers in a range of markets.

According to Tony Randall, Head of OEM & Key Accounts for SMC Australia | New Zealand, the unique, all-purpose valve is available in three sizes, namely the SY3000, SY5000 and SY7000. Thanks to its innovative redesign and smaller size, a reduction of 29 per cent is achieved in installation space offering greater flexibility, increased flow rates and a more economical operation.

The two smaller valve sizes or two larger valve sizes can be mixed on one manifold to closely match application requirements. The manifold offers piping options to the top, side or bottom with various port size options, achieving a flow rate of up to 1500 litres per minute via the biggest valve mounted on the manifold.

“The valves in the new SY series offers further air savings as a result of driving bigger cylinders with reduced cycle times without the need to use larger, more expensive solenoid valves. These valves are available in either rubber or unique metal seal versions with the metal seal version being particularly suitable for higher operating frequencies and extended lifetime performance; boasting switching cycles of up to 200 million cycles,” Randall (pictured below) explained.

The SY series incorporates SMC’s energy-efficient V100 pilot valve and a power saving option that reduces power consumption (per valve coil) down to just 0,1 Watt.

The option to have a single valve mounted on a base is available for such projects and also offers flow rates exceeding 1500 liters per minute. The connection to this plug-in sub base type valve is via the well-known M12 waterproof connector. The valve can be supplied fitted with a residual pressure release valve that enables manual dumping of residual compressed air in the cylinder. This function ensures safety in the production environment by avoiding the need to use any external component or dangerous actions to get rid of trapped air when the supply pressure is cut-off.

•	Tony Randall - Head of OEM & Key Accounts for SMC Australia | New Zealand.

“Safety is always considered when we look at products and customer applications,” added Randall.

Overall safety in applications have been improved in several ways via optional configurations:

  • The addition of a back pressure check valve built into the valve or one which can be retrofitted later on
  • The addition of a manual pressure release valve for every cylinder where required
  • A supply shut-off spacer per valve to allow the maintenance team access to the system or part thereof while the manifold is still pressurized
  • Spacers with double check valves in working lines to enable intermediate stops or for drop prevention of loads in vertical applications
  • Slide locking manual override function with double action and long distance visual indication

Power and control options includes; D-sub connectors, flat ribbon cables, terminal block box, pre-assembled leads, circular connectors and then follows all the options for serial transmission. Applicable protocols include PROFINET, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, CC-Link, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, CANopen, AS-Interface, OMRON CompoBus/S and CompoNet.



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