Tackling the growing water segment

Schweppes is set to launch a bold new marketing strategy for Cool Ridge, aimed at securing a greater market share of the $527 million still water segment by 2010.

Targeting the largely ‘overlooked’ 18 to 34 year old male demographic, who are included in the 43% of males who regularly consume plain bottled water, Schweppes hopes that its renewed marketing push will help Cool Ridge stand out in this over-crowded market.

Cool Ridge senior category manager, Ellie Vince, said that “we believe young men are health conscious and into the convenience of bottled water. What some men may not be aware of is, that not consuming enough fluid can lead to dehydration, which may result in diminished physical and mental performance.

“Excluding perspiration, adults lose around 4% of their total body weight in water loss every day. It is recommended that men consume more water each day than women to ensure adequate hydration.

“By focusing on the more than two million Australian men aged between 18 and 34, Cool Ridge is well placed to become an undisputed challenger brand in this highly competitive segment,” Vince said.

Schweppes has appointed advertising agency BMF and public relations firm Peer to lead Cool Ridge’s marketing drive over the next 12 months.

“Since launching Cool Ridge in 1992, we have relied on the strength of the product, being a high quality, locally sourced spring water, to attract loyalty amongst consumers.

“The water category is increasingly becoming more cluttered, with the number of flavoured and premium waters also increasing, so we re-looked at our existing offering and identified areas of strength and opportunities for growth,” Vince concluded.

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