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Taco Bell launch new Crispy Chicken Range

Taco Bell has today announced the launch of their new Crispy Chicken Range which will be available nationwide from Monday October 9th.

Featuring the Lava Crispy Chicken Burrito, Lava Crispy Chicken Taco, and the Crispy Chicken Burrito with Ranch Sauce instead of the Lava Sauce (for those not so keen on spice).

The Lava Crispy Chicken Burrito, the hero of the range, is chicken that’s crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, wrapped in a soft tortilla with shredded cheese, fresh tomatoes and crunchy lettuce and covered in Taco Bell’s NEW cheesy, spicy Lava Sauce.

A cult favourite from the famous Volcano menu in the US, the Lava Sauce is a spicy nacho cheese sauce with a fiery kick.

Andrew Howie, Chief Marketing Officer at Taco Bell Australia, says, “We know Aussies love their Crispy Chicken and we believe that we’ve delivered for them with this new product.”

“The new permanent menu innovation is the result of a 12-month journey to find a high-quality whole muscle product, with a tasty coating that can stand apart from the rest.”

“The Crispy Chicken strips with the cheesy, spicy Lava Sauce make for a delicious combination. We’re excited to share these new products we our existing, and hopefully many new customers,” he continued.

The Lava Crispy Chicken Burrito is available with chips and a drink from restaurants nationwide and is the latest addition to Taco Bell’s line up which includes the popular Cheesy G Taco, Crunchwrap Supreme and Boss Burrito.

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