36 Short Rakia

Product Manufacturer  Virginia Spirits
Launch date March 2016
Ingredients Made from high quality red wine and distilled with star anise. Rakia gold is then rested a little longer in a vat with 36 Short’s secret ingredient.
Shelf Life Endless
Packaging Saverglass
Product Manager Jon &  Con Lioulios
Country of origin Australia
Brand Website www.36short.com.au
Description Rakia is widely known as the ‘National Spirit of the Balkans’. Whilst the traditional style of Rakia is known to be strong and robust, this new world 36 Short Gold Rakia has a rich aroma with a full-bodied, smooth mouth feel with a hint of spice and a subtle sweet undertone due to the ageing and distillation process.

This new world 36 Short White Rakia has smooth delicate flavour with subtle fruit with a clean fresh finish. It is a diverse spirit than can be enjoyed straight up or mixed in a cocktail as an easy drinking, refreshing alternative.

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A one of a kind Rakia for Australia

In an Australian first, Adelaide Brothers Jon and Con Lioulios have distilled and launched the only new age Rakia to be legally licensed and sold in Australia, 36 Short.

36 Short is a tribute to Jon and Con’s Macedonian born father, Pando who bought the recipe to Australia almost 50 years ago.

The Lioulios brothers are primarily known for their successful, fresh, vegetable produce business, Quality Lines.

Rakia originates from the Balkan region of Eastern Europe and is a fruit Brandy.  It is widely considered the national drink of Macedonia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia.

“Rakia can be served straight before a meal and be accompanied with pickled vegetables as well as cured and barbequed meats. Our white Rakia can be used to make various cocktails,” said Jon Lioulios.

Con Lioulios said: “Recent trends and statistics tell us that young and old people alike are experimenting with spirits and liquors more than ever before and we wanted to share our very own Rakia with their sophisticated pallets.

“Dad dedicated a lot of time, energy, love and patience to distilling, and with four generations who all had the same passion for distilling Rakia preceding him, now it is our turn to do the same.”

The name 36 Short comes from Pando’s suit size.

36 Short is a new world Rakia, distilled with exceptional red wine from McLaren Vale and a secret family recipe.

Individually bottled and batched the Rakia is hand finished with the closure dipped in a glossy wax.

Con Lioulios said: “We believe it is a “Great Spirit” which should be consumed with friends and family.  Distilling 36 Short brought happiness and a feeling of pride and achievement to our father Pando and we want this tradition to continue.”

Australia’s first alcoholic root beer set for release

East 9th Brewing is set to release Australia’s first alcoholic root beer, named ‘Future Memoirs Of A Root Beer’.

According to the company, the new beverage will offer a signature blend of flavours including Sassafras, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Ginger. Served over ice (at 4.0%ABV), it is being marketed as a “sessionable alternative to traditional beers”.

The product features a psychedelic label designed by to London-based artist Cei Willis (of Vice mag fame).

According to the company, alcoholic root beer is set to be the next big thing in alcohol.  In the US, countless brands have hit the market in an effort to secure their slice of what’s already shaping up to be a multi-million dollar category (over $111 million USD so far in 2015, according to IRI Worldwide research, with the brand ‘Not Your Father’s Root Beer’ the clear category leader).

Future Memoirs Of A Root Beer will be available nationally from next month. It’s also part of the East 9th Brewing family, which includes Fog City Cloudy Cider, Fog City Red Sangria, Doss Blockos Pale Lager and Lick Pier Ginger Beer.