Allpress tackles war on waste with compostable cups

The war on waste has been building for decades, and New Zealand-founded coffee brand, Allpress Espresso, are driven in practicing sustainability and searching for viable and strategic measures that will aid in change and stop contributing to landfill. This month, Allpress will close the loop one step further, moving all of their coffee bags to compostable packaging.

From their beginnings over 30 years ago, as a little coffee cart in Auckland, New Zealand, Allpress has evolved globally with a dozen roasteries across New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Japan and the UK. Globally, the brand consistently provides coffee using the hot air roast method.

The new non-GMO bioplastic being used for the compostable packaging, has a carbon footprint 75 times less than conventional plastic. All glues, papers and inks are also non toxic, fully compostable, and lined with a biopolymer with an exceptional oxygen barrier, keeping the coffee fresh and tasting its best.

It is estimated that 500 billion takeaway coffee cups are produced globally every year, with the majority of them ending up in landfill. Allpress continues to only use compostable coffee cups, recently adding reusable cups to the product line. The introduction of Allpress compostable packing has the potential to divert more than 1,250,000 bags from landfill each year, after the introduction of the new 3kg bag into the market later this year.

Understanding that these practices are steps in the right direction and change doesn’t happen overnight, Allpress are always striving to ensure they are contributing to a more sustainable society.

“As a business, we are taking responsibility to minimise our waste and bring conscious intent to how we design our packaging. Since 2011, our takeaway coffee cups have been certified commercially compostable, organic waste from roasting coffee and our kitchens is composted, so it made sense that our coffee packaging was next in line,” said Rob Lockyear, Allpress global manager of marketing.

The new packaging, along with the brand’s coffee grinds, food scraps and takeaway cups can all be placed into compostable collection bins. Until these bins are more readily accessible, Allpress welcomes customers to bring back their packaging which will be sent to their composting partners, where the waste will be converted to soil for growing more food.