Coopers Appoints New Beer Ambassadors

Coopers Brewery have introduced a team of beer ambassadors to spread knowledge about Coopers’ beer and brewing practices with customers, consumers and connoisseurs around Australia.

In discussing the uniqueness of the ale and stout, the ambassadors will answer questions and inspire people to experiment with the beers for maximum enjoyment.

According to Coopers National Sales and Marketing Director Cam Pearce, the family-owned company has a great 150 years’ worth of experience to share with consumers.

“Our ambassadors can suggest which of our beers best with certain foods, discuss the characteristics of different beer styles and recommend different beers for special occasions,” Pearce said.

Ambassadors appointed by Coopers and Premium Beverages include former member of the sponsorship and events team Adrian Clark and former beer sommelier Miro Bellini.

“About 90 per cent of my work is explaining how our beers, such as Coopers Original Pale Ale, Sparkling Ale, Vintage Ale, Mild Ale and Stout, differ from almost every other beer on the market and why they are cloudy,” Clarke said.

Mr Clark said interstate markets were still discovering Coopers beers as their products and story were being shared with consumers and the trade.

Due to an increasing number of imported beers entering Australia as the craft beer sector emerges, beer drinkers have become more discerning and knowledgeable about their choice of liquor than ever before.

Ultimately, Clarke said, the role of the beer ambassadors is to share their passion and excitement about beer as well as to provide information to further engage people seeking to be involved in the category.