AIP will run food waste and packaging seminars at FoodTech PackTech

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), in conjunction with Packaging New Zealand, will be running a two-hour seminar on fighting food waste, save food packaging and sustainable packaging design on the 20th of September at FoodTech PackTech 2018.

Seminar – Part one: Fighting food waste and the role of packaging in minimizing food waste. Will solving New Zealand’s food waste problem help save hunger in the country?  

More than 122,500 tonnes of food waste, or the equivalent to $872 million worth of edible food, is thrown away every year in New Zealand.
The avoidable food waste could feed 50,000 and 80,000 people a year.
There is not only a social imperative to solve this problem, but also an economic one.
This seminar helps people find out how they can play a role in minimising food waste.
KiwiHarvest CEO Deborah Manning will speak at the seminar.

Fight food waste cooperative research centre: New collaboration to tackle Australia’s food waste issue.  

In April 2018 the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) received a $30m grant from the Australian Government’s CRC program.
The Fight Food Waste CRC involves 60 participants from around Australia and overseas, who collectively raised $103m in addition to the $30m from the CRC Program.
This initiative will be an Australia-first bringing industry, government and research bodies collectively and collaboratively together to tackle the food waste problem in this country. At this seminar, people can find out how New Zealand companies can get involved in the CRC program and how they can roll out their own waste strategy.

The important role that packaging plays in minimising food waste.

While the primary function of packaging is to protect its contents, the function of packaging to reduce food waste is rarely discussed.
The connection between packaging design and food waste needs to be discussed more openly.
People can find out how packaging companies, food manufacturers and retailers can make a difference as team members of the product-packaging design process to this issue.
People can learn more about save food packaging design innovations that have come from Australia and New Zealand and understand how designing packaging to save food actually saves food.

Speakers include Dr Karli Verghese PhD, FAIP, Reducing Supply Chain Losses research program leader and Lars Ljung, special projects coordinator, Planet Protector Packaging.

Seminar ­­– Part two: Moving towards sustainable packaging by 2025.  

Every day on the news there is a new article about banning single use plastics, multinational companies pledging to move towards 100 per cent sustainable packaging, plastic free aisles and more.
This discussion will help you to better understand the current conversations in the industry, changes to regulations, how it all relates to you and what tools are available to move towards sustainable packaging.
Hear about the Australasian Recycling Label, the PREP tool and from award-winning packaging experts on how to incorporate reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle and the circular economy approach into all of your future packaging design.

Speakers include Sharon Humphreys, executive director of Packaging New Zealand and Alejandra Laclette, recycling label program manager at Planet Ark Environmental Foundation.

AIP Half-Day Training Course alongside FoodTech PackTech 2018:

AIP is also offering a half-day training course as an additional event at FoodTech PackTech 2018.
AIP has developed a new half-day training course on the Role of Packaging in Minimising Food Waste with all of industry invited to attend.