KOOEE! launches Manuka Honey flavour beef jerky

KOOEE! launches Manuka Honey flavour beef jerky to its Australian range of healthy, high protein beef jerky.

KOOEE! Grass- Fed Beef Jerky have launched a new flavour called Manuka Honey. It’s made with real Tasmanian Manuka Honey and is perfect for those that enjoy a slightly sweeter jerky.

KOOEE! Grass Feed Beef Jerky is an all-natural, gluten free, high protein snack.

Manuka Honey is the fifth flavour to join the KOOEE! snacks range.

Tiger Buck beef jerky targets beer & liquor aficionados

Tiger Buck’s progressive branding and iconic packaging has been influenced by saloon bar games of the American frontier, and traditional playing card design.  These elements combine to create a brand that complements a premium drinking experience and delivers unmatched brand-in-hand exposure.

Tiger Buck is a medium-soft, approachable beef jerky. The signature flavour is its smokey bbq notes, and the more you chew, the more it shines through.  Tiger Buck uses no artificial flavours or colours, and is made from 100 per cent raw, unprocessed Australian Beef. It’s low in fat, it’s a great source of protein, and has also been endorsed by Coeliac Australia as a certified Gluten Free product.

This beef jerky was born of the idea that premium pre-packaged bar-snack options are almost non-existent.  Venues and retailers focus endlessly on constructing wine-lists, beer-lists, and back-bars, with snack options almost always forgotten.  A premium bar-snack can be an important addition to a customer offering, often leading to an increased spend-per-head on drinks.

The beef jerky will be available at bars and retailers across Australia in November 2016- Melbourne stockists include: The Beaufort, Stomping Ground, The Local Taphouse, Boilermaker House and Less Than Zero.

Creator, Benjamin Cairns has worked across local and global liquor brands for over 15 years.  He is currently also part of the Melbourne-based East 9th Brewing Co.  The lack of quality ‘drinking snacks’ at bars and liquor retailers drove him to create the Tiger Buck brand.