Mindfulness is a key factor in people’s food choices for 2018

Mindfulness and individual choice are at the forefront of people’s minds when it comes to food choices in 2018.

Although these are not new trends, they are ongoing factors that continue to shape the consumer food market.

Consumers are developing a more holistic way of questioning what they eat.

Rather than random selection, they’re looking to connect with a brand’s values – be it health and wellness benefits, a social conscience, or enhanced nutrition.

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Consumer packaged goods companies must become more innovative and relevant to meet consumer needs.

This pushes companies to run incubator programs for product innovation and experiment with creative technology in stores to keep consumers satisfied.

Studies conducted by Haines Consulting Group show that consumers are increasingly mindful in their food choices. It is the main driver to consumer behaviour in the food industry.

Modern consumers want to know what is in their food and how it was sourced, so they can make better decisions about their health and how the product impacts the environment and the community.

This behavioural shift means that brands must advertise and create an environment that empowers consumers through convenience, health and choice.

The technology and tools available to consumers mean they have more insight into their personal health than ever before.

Knowing how many steps they’ve taken, calories they’ve burnt, or how much sleep they’ve had, can play a big role in people’s food choices.

For brands, messaging is key, to help consumers make the desired choice for their health.

Consumers are becoming more educated on nutrition and food quality, as they want to make responsible food decisions.

Food is becoming less of a commodity and more of an individual choice.

Preferences need to be catered for and shopping needs to feel relevant and personal.

But, it’s a fine line to find the balance of enough options to overwhelming choice.

The ability to personalise is essential, but people don’t want to be confronted with too many choices.

Brands also need to effectively communicate food messages about nutrition and health.

Another trends that isn’t new, but is proving important to consumers, is fitting products into people’s busy lifestyles.

Products need to be conveniently packaged and marketed to tick the convenience box for consumers.

This trend is evident in the uptake and increase in food delivery services and meal packages, blurring the line between restaurants and supermarkets.

E-commerce is set for huge growth with fast ordering and delivery services, meaning shoppers can get everything they need quickly and easily.

Understanding all of these consumer trends can help business increase engagement and ultimately increase brand sales and success, Haines Consulting Group explains.



Beston Food Company in talks with SA milk suppliers ahead of cheese expansion

More than 20 South Australian dairy farm owners have agreed to supply milk to the Beston Global Food Company (BFC) as part of an agreement that will see the company purchase an additional 60 million litres annually.

The deal marks an effort to underpin future cheese production at BFC’s Murray Bridge and Jervois facilities, calling on help from farms reaching Mount Gambier to the Barossa Valley.

To ensure its rapidly growing cheese operations, BFC has said it requires around 90 million litres of milk in the 2018 financial year – a substantial increase from the 20 million litres it sources from its own farms each year.

“We are in talks with other dairies in major South Australian milk production areas and expect to reach the target in the coming weeks,” said Sean Ebert, BFC’s CEO.

“All of the dairies involved have been supplying other national food groups and were looking for alternatives.”

BFC is in the process of installing a state-of-the-art mozzarella plant at its Jervois factory and expects to produce a minimum of 5,000 tonnes per annum when it is commissioned later this year.

In May, BFC subsidiary Beston Pure Foods’ Edwards Crossing was named Best Cheddar Cheese in Australia at the 2017 Dairy Industry Association of Australia awards.