Keep calm under pressure with SMC’s booster regulators

While the company is synonymous with pneumatics, SMC has worked hard to differentiate itself by listening to customers’ needs and developing products based around exactly these.

As the world leaders in automation, SMC offers a complete range of automation solutions so that customers can enjoy the ease of working with just one supplier. It also offers peace-of-mind knowing that you are covered by a trusted global brand.

In addition to its chillers, dryers, ionizers and regulators, SMC also offers a VBA booster regulator series. It is designed to be used across all industries and for applications where high-pressure air is required. By using a booster, customers save on both energy and money.

Customers can now enjoy an increase in factory air of up to 200% without any required power supply, and when connecting the booster regulator to the factory line, it is possible to achieve double the existing pressure.

In addition, the VBA series offers space saving as it connects directly to air tanks and booster regulators