Bugsolutely delicious pasta

Thai edible insect processor Bugsolutely is taking on the pasta market with a product made with flour from ground crickets.

Cricket pasta features exceptionally nutritional values, including high levels of protein, calcium, iron, vitamin B12 and omega-3.

Crickets require almost 1,000 times less food and water than cows, while needing a very short time to be reared.

According to Bugsolutely’s Italian founder, Massimo Reverberi, the pasta is the result of months of research in collaboration with several manufacturers.

“Our products are the result of our research into finding the best possible combination for a tasty, healthy food. Our export strategy to western countries is based on a partnership with international food distributors and on powerful online marketing campaigns,” Reverberi said.

Reverberi’s aim is to target the markets of Europe and North America, where he is in the process of arranging distribution. Southeast Asia, where there is a tradition of consuming insect protein, is not on Busolutely’s radar as the market largely sees it as old-fashioned.

How does the product, which is available through the Bugsolutely website as fusilli in a 350g sealed package, taste?

“Thanks to the cricket flour, the pasta’s distinctive brown colour matches its typical earthy taste –the taste of which is often associated with roasted almonds.”