Gluten-free cannoli from Cannoleria

Cannoleria by That’s Amore has launched its gluten-free cannoli shells, which have been made using Cannoleria’s own recipe that matches the lightness and crunchiness of the brand’s original cannoli shell.

“We wanted to create a gluten-free shell that couldn’t be told apart from a regular shell,” said Cannoleria co-owner Dario Di Clerico. “One that didn’t compromise all the elements of a traditional shell as we found that most gluten free shells in the market lacked appeal and flavour.”

The gluten-free shells are filled using That’s Amore Cheese Ricotta. Customers can currently choose between Sicilian ricotta or chocolate in their GF cannoli.

In addition to freshly filled cannoli, DIY Gluten Free Cannoli Kits are available with 6 large shells, a choice of either filling in a piping bag, crushed pistachios and icing sugar.

Cannoleria opens stand-alone factory in Melbourne

Created by That’s Amore Cheese, cannoli producer Cannoleria has moved to its own independent factory and head office in Heidelberg West.

Cannoleria’s popularity grew after its launch due to the fresh That’s Amore Cheese Ricotta used with natural ingredients to fill the delicate tubes of pastry.

Now with stores in South Melbourne Market, Preston Market, Watergardens Shopping Centre and Highpoint Shopping Centre, as well as a number of pop-ups and a catering service, Cannoleria outgrew its space within the That’s Amore factory.

Co-owner Dario Di Clerico explains “Being part of the That’s Amore family is fantastic, but it was time for Cannoleria to set up in its own factory that could facilitate further growth.

“Our new location in Heidelberg West is perfect for us to be able to produce more Cannoli, experiment with more flavours and expand the business. The Heidelberg West factory is 500sqm and currently we work 200 of wheels of ricotta a day.”