Christmas fruit mince tarts and all butter shortbread

Fergys – Honest to Goodness Food has released a  range of artisan products available to retailers in time for Christmas.

Fergy’s Christmas fruit mince tarts and all butter shortbread are made from traditional recipes that have been handed down through the Ferguson family for generations.

“Our Christmas fruit mince tart recipe is especially unique,” said Michael Ferguson, CEO/Owner of Fergys Food. “It was created by my Great Grandmother in the 19th Century and continues to be enjoyed by our consumers to this very day.

“The manufacturing of our Christmas tarts is no easy feat either. Each tart is made by hand and we have eight qualified Pastry Chef’s working together to produce 4,000 each day in the lead up to Christmas.”

Each tart has a decadent fruit mix of sultanas, currants and apples with a hint of citrus which is encased in a rich buttery almond shortbread. Each tart is then topped with a star and a sprinkling of sugar to give it that extra special Christmas touch.

To complement the fruit mince tarts, Fergys Food has also released All Butter Shortbread Fingers. Also made with a traditional family recipe, each classic shortbread finger has a deliciously melt in your mouth buttery flavour and are a perfect accompaniment to your Christmas table.

Both products are now available from Aussie Farmers Direct, Independent Supermarkets & Specialty Grocers.


Appletiser builds connection with Christmas celebrations

A new Appletiser brand campaign has been launched by Coca-Cola South Pacific to associate the sparkling apple soft drink with Christmas celebrations and the holiday period quickly approaching.

Partnering with Westfield, the brand will run through shopping centres across Australia to elevate purchase consideration in major retailers and get brand awareness on digital screens.

According to Appletiser Brand Manager Aoife Bambrick, the messaging will focus on encouraging consumers to enjoy Appletiser for their next at-home celebration by providing tips on being a good dinner host.

“The Bubbles Done Differently campaign is a nod to Appletiser’s premium positioning and is aimed at showcasing the brand as the perfect addition to festive celebrations with family and friends,” Bambrick said.

“We want to inspire consumers to think about their non-alcoholic choices as they plan their parties and consider how Appletiser can play a role as the other bubbles option for the occasion.”

Coca-Cola is aiming to reach women across key interest areas such as fashion, food and beauty, in addition to targeting new mums.

The company has used 2015 to focus on initiatives that reduce its environmental footprint, supporting active and healthy living in addition to the creation and maintenance of safe, inclusive work environments. It ranks among the world’s top 10 private employers with more than 700,000 system associates.

Bambrick suggests that messaging will focus on offering authentic voices to engage the brand’s target audience through credible personalities in the food and lifestyle space.