Simon Johnson pops-up at MLC centre

Simon Johnson launched his first ever Sydney CBD pop-up store on 17 October.

Located on level seven of the MLC centre, the pop-up store features all of the Simon Johnson branded favourites in addition to some of the finest quality domestic and imported food products available in Australia.

The pop-up has a focus on stylish and decadent gift ideas for the festive season including a brand new range of Simon Johnson hampers.

The hampers range from the practical ‘Quick Fix’ hamper which features kitchen cupboard essentials such as the Simon Johnson Green Curry Paste and the Simon Johnson Harissa Paste to the more elaborate ‘Drinks at 6’ package featuring Hendrick’s Gin and Simon Johnson’s Linguette with Seasalt.   

“We are thrilled to be able to open in a seasonal store in this wonderful MLC Centre,” said Johnson.

“The festive season is our favourite time of year at Simon Johnson and we’re really excited to be able to showcase the Simon Johnson range to city folk. It’s the perfect site for food lovers in the CBD to check out our summer entertaining and gift ideas”.

The launch featured samples of exquisite cheeses, crisp breads and crackers, together with the classic combination of Hendrick’s Gin with tonic and cucumber.

The pop-up store will be open until 27 December.


OmegaMite secures a place on Coles’ shelves

Family owned Australian food company, Nature’s Blend has recently confirmed that Coles supermarkets will be stocking its innovative gluten free OmegaMite yeast spread with omega-3 in stores across Australia.

OmegaMite will join the Coles shelves in the health food section with Nature’s Blend’s other Omega lines; OmegaHoney and OmegaMayo, all of which contain omega 3 and are gluten free.

Nature’s Blend say that the support of larger retailers such as Coles provides an invaluable opportunity to increase volume, while also exposing the brand – which is wholly Australian made and owned – to a wider audience.

“It is a positive when presenting new products to have a unique product range. We are fortunate having innovative Omega products with a major point of difference with Omega-3 and recognising that Gluten Free is a growing concern for Coeliacs and for many who choose a gluten gree diet for other reasons,” said Brenda Robinson of Nature’s Blend.

In addition to the brand's success with Coles, OmegaMite recently received the Innovative Product Award at the Sail Shanghai 2012 expo in China which was attended by more than 1,750 exhibitors, and over 40,000 trade visitors from across the globe.

Nature’s Blend will be looking to expand its Omega range further in the near future, with research and development placed as a high priority for the company. The company will also be looking for further growth opportunities overseas as they continue to grow their export market.


Marmite to return to Aussie shelves

After having its production suspended in the wake of the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes, Marmite will reappear on supermarket shelves on 1 October.

The Sanitarium factory responsible for delivering the South Pacific's supply of the yeast spread was forced to halt production after the earthquakes, to allow for major repair works.

Marmite returned to New Zealand shelves in March this year, and the first shipment to Australia is expected to be on retailers' shelves at the beginning of next month.

Todd Saunders, general manager – Sanitarium Australia, thanked consumers and retailers for their patience during the supply shortage.

"Demand for Marmite is strong and we have been amazed to see the level of passion that the product inspires in the hearts of both Australians and New Zealanders who have been clamouring to get their hands on fresh supplies," he said.


New vanilla powder launched by Heilala Vanilla

New Zealand based vanilla grower and producer, Heilala Vanilla, has launched a new vanilla powder.

The powder is made from 100 percent pure vanilla beans and is free from artificial colours, flavours, buffers, additives, sugar and is gluten free.

The product is made by drying and grinding vanilla beans into a fine powder, making it the purest form of vanilla in the range with two grams of the powder being equivalent to one vanilla bean.

Director of Heilala Vanilla, Jennifer Boggiss says the development of the product was a direct response to consumer demand for a pure vanilla powder.

“Customers came to us frustrated about existing vanilla powders containing various additives,” said Boggiss.

“Vegan, raw, whole food followers and other health conscious consumers wanted a pure vanilla powder with a superb vanilla flavour which is what we have created. It is a highly versatile product and can be used in many ways without losing its flavour.

“Our vanilla powder is great in hot or cold mixtures,” she says. “It is excellent to use in baking, desserts and smoothies or when vanilla extract or paste is not preferred.”

Heilala Vanilla Ground Vanilla Powder is available in 250gm, 100gm and 25gm packs.


Herbie’s spice store receives world’s best title

US website, has recognised iconic Australian spice store, Herbie’s Spices by honouring it with the extravagant title of One of the World’s Best Spice Stores.

Spice stores hailing from capital cities around the globe including Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, India, Paris, London, China and Morocco were included on the list, with Herbie’s Spices representing the only Australian store.

"Having visited spice stores and spice markets around the world, we were thrilled to hear that a US website had recognized us," said Ian Hemphill of Herbie’s Spices.

"Herbs and spices are agricultural commodities, and it has always been my obsession to source and blend the very best that are available."

The prestigious title comes as the store, located in the Sydney inner western suburb of Rozelle, recently celebrated its 16th birthday.

The stores spice range has now extended to over 300 items including 108 spice mixes with over 70 of which are exclusive to Herbie’s.

"We never cease searching for good spices and learning about great spice combinations, as this is vital if we are to uphold the title of One of the World's Best Spice Stores".


McCormick launches Grill Mates seasonings

McCormick has launched a new range of seasoning sachets, the McCormick Grill Mates seasonings.

The sachets are packaged in a resealable package, and are made with large herb and spice particulates, especially formulated for barbecuing and grilling.

The new range has been launched just as the Australian BBQ season hits off as a perfect accompaniment to steaks, beef patties and chicken wings.

The seasonings are also being marketed as a tasty addition to home cooked meals such as gourmet pizzas, lamb koftas, vegetables and roast dinners.

Andrew Graham, brand manager for McCormick Grill Mates says is excited to be launching the new range of seasoning sachets, stating that they make a perfect additional to any pantry.

 “We developed this product to assist the home cook who is looking for that little bit of inspiration for the family meal,” he said.

“It’s the ease, convenience and flavour profile of McCormick® Grill Mates® that we think will also appeal to the BBQ expert.”

The McCormick® Grill Mates come in four flavours; Classic BBQ Mediterranean Chicken Blazin’ Pepper Steak Bush Lamb.

The launch of the new products will be completed with print, digital and social campaigns as well as a national PR campaign.

McCormick Grill Mates will also be part of the Big Aussie Barbie event which raises money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.


Okonomiyaki & Tonkatsu Sauce

Product name: Okonomiyaki & Tonkatsu Sauce

Product manufacturer: SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce

Ingredients: seaweed stock, tomatoes, Japanese worcestershire sauce (onion, caramel colour 1) ,Japanese fermented soy sauce, vinegar, brown sugar, corn starch, seasalt, sesame seeds

Shelf life: 12 months

Packaging: Glass bottle

Product manager: Saori Kojima

Brand website:

What the company says
Saori Kojima created her range of healthy and delicious sauces so that anybody can enjoy a large variety of quick and easy Japanese dishes.

You don’t need to go to a restaurant to enjoy fine Japanese meals anymore. You can make them in the comfort your own home – anytime you like.

Using a perfect combination of sweet and sour flavours with fermented Japanese soy sauce, Okonomiyaki & Tonkatsu Sauce is the must-have compliment to a variety of delicious Japanese dishes such as okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes), tempura and tonkatsu (cutlets).

It also makes a great alternative to tomato sauce.

SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce, based in Melbourne, is 100 percent homemade and uses quality Japanese & Australian ingredients and traditional Japanese recipes to give them their authentic flavours.


McCormick Grill Mates seasonings

Product name: McCormick Grill Mates seasonings in 50g sachets

Product manufacturer: McCormick Foods Australia

Ingredients: Blazin Pepper Steak: salt, dehydrated vegetables (onion, bell peppers, garlic), spices (pepper, chilli, paprika), rice flour, vegetable oil, rice hull concentrate

Shelf life: 18 months

Packaging: Re-sealable, clear sachets with gusset.

Product manager: Andrew Graham,Brand Manager, McCormick Foods Australia

Brand website:

What the company says
The delicious new range of McCormick Grill Mates seasonings offer the most convenient and cost-effective way to spice up any BBQ spread or family feast.

Packaged in convenient re-sealable sachets, McCormick Grill Mates are made with large herb and spice particulates especially formulated for barbecuing and grilling, with flavour the consumer can see.

Launched in time for the Australian BBQ season, barbecue aficionados are encouraged to master the flame, master the flavour using McCormick Grill Mates to invigorate their steaks, beef patties and chicken wings.

The range includes:

  • Classic BBQ: This traditional blend of BBQ spices will be sure to bring out the best in your Aussie barbie favourites.
  • Mediterranean Chicken: Take your barbecue chicken to the next level with this aromatic blend of herbs and spices.
  • Blazin’ Pepper Steak: This fiery blend of herbs and spices will be sure to make your steaks sizzle.
  • Bush Lamb: Adding flavour to your lamb chops and cutlets is too easy with this blend of Australian native spices including lemon myrtle and mountain pepper

McCormick Grill Mates are available in Coles supermarkets for RRP $2.29. Each 50g sachet features convenient re-sealable packaging and is designed specifically to stand upright in supermarket shelves.

McCormick releases new Marinade in a Bag varieties

Building on the success of the original range of McCormick’s Marinade in a Bag varieties, McCormick has now extended its range to include two new flavours; Native Herb & Spice, and Spicy BBQ.

Research from last year's launch of the product indicated that 72 percent of consumers found the McCormick Marinade in a Bag more convenient to use than competing products, and 80 percent of respondents said that they would recommend the product to friends.

The research also found that consumers wanted more flavour varieties, which has now inspired the creation of the new range.

 “We have listened to consumer feedback and developed two new flavours to build on our existing range,” said Karen Marshall, Marketing Innovations for McCormick Marinade in a Bag.

“We kept hearing from shoppers that they wanted flavours with more ‘spice’, so this barbecue season we’ve come to the party with two varieties that have tested extremely well with consumers."

McCormick’s new Marinade in a Bag varieties

  • Native Herb and Spice: A rich blend of tomato and paprika with native mountain pepper, lemon myrtle and oregano. Perfect on all proteins, especially lamb.
  • Spicy BBQ: Combines the bold flavours of pepper, chillies and BBQ sauce, to create a sweet, hot and spicy flavour. Great on beef, chicken and pork.

McCormick’s new Marinade in a Bag varieties will be complemented with a national PR campaign, blogger engagement and print advertising.

In addition, McCormick Marinade in a Bag will also be involved in the Big Aussie Barbie event, which raises much needed funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.


Spiral’s Organic Coconut Sweet Spread

Product name: Organic Coconut Sweet Spread

Product manufacturer: Spiral Foods

Ingredients: Organic coconut, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic coconut nectar

Shelf life: Two years

Packaging: 300g glass jar

Brand website:

What the company says
Spiral Food’s Organic Coconut Sweet Spread is 100 percent certified organic, has no artificial colours or flavours, and boasts the versatility to act as a spread, a topping, a sugar substitute or even just a sneaky spoonful snack.

Coconut Spread is made entirely of coconut that has been crushed in a way that creates a paste, which is then blended with the nectar from the coconut flower. Coconut oil has been proven to reduce hunger, aid in weight loss, have powerful medicinal properties and is rich in lauric acid.

It spreads like nut butter and melts in your mouth like chocolate. The richness of the flavour is surprising, as is the sweetness. Its rich, light, caramel colour all but disguises the healthy spread as something that shouldn’t be this good for you.

Keep Spiral’s Coconut Spread in the cupboard with your other spreads. Smooth and melt it across crumpets or hotcakes instead of using maple syrup, use it as a sandwich filling, or spread it liberally on toast to give the kids that sweetness kick they crave, safe with the knowledge that they are reaping the health benefits of coconut. 


Rosella revival: iconic sauce back in production

After being acquired by Sabrands in April, Australia's favourite tomato sauce, Rosella, is back in production.

Rosella's former owner, Gourmet Food Holdings, went into receivership last year, threatening the future of the much-loved condiment.

However, Rosella is now being made at Sabrands' Yarra Ranges plant, and is available in most Coles, Woolworths and IGA supermarkets, the Herald Sun reports.

Not only has Sabrands' acquisition of Rosella seen 20 full-time jobs added the production line at Aussie Growers Fruit in Silvan (with 10 more positions up for grabs in the near future), the sauce's new owners are also determined to keep the brand as authentically Australian as possible.

Executive chairman, Dan Presser, said the imported tomato paste previously used in Rosella's recipe has been replaced with homegrown content.

"Wherever possible we are going to bring back Australian ingredients … It's a great food brand that is part of Australia's fabric," he said.

Presser added that he hopes Rosella will, in the long term, reach a 25 percent market share.


British-Indian chef spices up Coles’ shelves

Coles is stocking a new range of Indian curry sauces on its shelves, created by British chef Anjum Anand.

The Spice Tailor range was launched in Britain two years ago in the upmarket supermarket chain Waitrose. Now, the range of eight sauces is coming to Coles’ supermarket shelves.

Anand cooked up the Spice Tailor range with the purpose of exposing non-Indians to different regional Indian cuisines. She also wanted to make her native food lighter and more accessible.

“I grew up eating and cooking Indian food. I love it and I wanted to make it easier for more people to enjoy delicious and healthy home-cooked Indian cuisine,” Anand said.

“Australia has such a vibrant food culture but Indian has often been overlooked, especially on supermarket shelves. We’re thrilled to be introducing the range and I hope that Australians will fall in love with The Spice Tailor and opt for a Punjabi Tomato Curry over a Pad Thai.”

The range was launched yesterday (3.7.13) with the help of marketing company Liquid Ideas, owned by Stuart Gregor. Gregor hosted a lunch in his home, attended by Food magazine, where Anand cooked up a banquet with her range of sauces.

She explored regional India by cooking with her Keralan Coconut Curry. Located in the south-west region of India on the Malabar Coast, this state is known for its abundance of coconuts. ‘Kera’ means coconut.

Anand cooked prawns with coconut curry, mustard seeds, oil and coriander. For those of the vegetarian persuasion, she modified this and substituted prawns with eggplant.

She used Punjabi Tomato Curry from Northern India to make a curry with paneer (cottage cheese) and capsicum. The meal also included Rustic Rogan Josh curry with lamb.

 “My food mantra is you need to enjoy what you eat,” Anand told Food magazine.

“I like to have a little bit of honesty in my food. So I want it to have some heritage. I’ve brought out some proper regional heritage of India so we’ve got Keralan curry, I’ve got a curry from Mangalore, and I’ve got the Punjabi tomato curry.”

Her range also includes the South Indian Mangalore Herb Curry, which has flavours of coriander, mint and coconut.

She said she hopes her range will show that not all curries taste the same.

“I really do believe that if we get people to try it and you like Indian food you’ll like this. We have our fingers crossed that we make enough noise to get everyone to try it,” Anand said.

The range of curry sauces will be on Coles’ shelves from Monday 8 July for $4.99 RRP.


Best olive oils in a decade on their way

Rob McGavin, co-founder of Cobram Estate, says Australia's 2013 harvest olive oils will be the best in a decade.

McGavin has also predicted that overall Victorian olive oil production will increase by over 160 percent from last year's harvest.

"Based on the results we have seen so far, from both taste panels and international competitions, the quality of Australia’s 2013 harvest olive oils is the best in a decade," he said.

"That this has happened at the same time as we achieve a bumper crop is a bonus for Australian consumers."

The floods and unseasonal rainfalls of 2011 resulted in just under 5.5 million litres of olive oil being produced across Victoria in the 2012 season.

This is predicted to increase to over 14 million litres in 2013, according to preliminary estimates.

Across Australia, the crop looks to be up over 80 percent from 2012 with about 18 to 20 million litres being produced this year compared with 10.5 million litres last year.

"It’s been a challenging few years for the Victorian olive industry. Two years ago we were out in row boats between the trees, but this year we have enjoyed perfect sunny days and cool nights during the season – amazing growing conditions for our olives resulting in outstanding quality olive oils," McGavin said.


MOI International fined for misleading claims

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued fines to MOI International, the Australian and New Zealand subsidiary of Malaysian based MOI Foods, for misleading claims made on one of its olive oil products.

The two infringement notices which totalled $20,400, related to the company’s Mediterranean blend oil product which was labelled as 100 percent extra-virgin olive oil, but was found to contain predominately canola oil according to the Weekly Times Now.

Fine print of the side of the container revealed that only 7 percent of the product was extra virgin olive oil, and the remaining 93 percent comprised of canola oil.

ACCC Chairman Rod Sims, said that the term “extra virgin” is widely synonymous with a premium product and MOI’s product claim was misleading to consumers.

"Consumers should be able to trust that what's on the label is what's in the bottle when making purchasing decisions,” said Sims.

"Traders who mislead consumers in this manner leave themselves wide open to enforcement action from the ACCC."

The ACCC was originally alerted of the claim via the Australian Olive Association (AOA) after a consumer sent in a container of the bottle.

"Straight away it was evident that the label was intentionally deceptive, claiming to be the highest grade, when in fact it was 93 per cent canola," said Lisa Rowntree, president of the AOA.

Rowntree said that while she was pleased that the ACCC took prompt action with MOI International, the AOA was disappointed that ACCC chairman Rod Sims stated that there is still no mandatory standard for extra virgin olive oil.

"It is disappointing that despite the copious evidence presented to the ACCC about the wide practice of olive oil adulteration that costs consumers on average $57 million annually in Australia, not much is being done."

According to Rowntree, Supermarket giant Coles announced last year that they will be adopting the Australian Standards for their private label and home brands olive oils.

"We just need Coles to go that one step further and ensure all the olive oil they sell complies with the Australian Standard,” she said.

"Woolies claim to be the Fresh Food People, so it would be great if Woolies would ensure that their olive oil is `fresh' as well."


Vegemite celebrates 90 years with new campaign [video]

This year marks the 90th anniversary of Kraft’s iconic Australian spread, Vegemite.

A new advertising campaign titled “Start with Vegemite”, aims to reconnect Australians with the popular spread by reminding consumers that Vegemite provides a nutritious and delicious start to the day.

The campaign, which is the first from the brand since 2011, will highlight ways that Australians can utilise the spread as part of a healthy breakfast routine including spreading Vegemite on sourdough topped with a poached egg and adding avocado and lemon to a piece of Vegemite toast.

The campaign will also remind consumers of the spread’s nutritional credentials by emphasising that it is one of the world’s richest sources of B vitamins.

The campaign will be complemented by two new 30 second TV commercials directed by Bruce Hunt of Matrix fame, which will showcase fresh and appetising ways to consume the Australian breakfast classic. The first of the commercials will air tonight (27 May) on prime-time television.

The campaign will combine the TV commercials with above the line, digital and PR activity, as well as promotion through the brands website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest accounts.

Mike Waddington, general manager marketing (foods), said that the new brand direction will demonstrate inspirational ways to eat Vegemite as part of a delicious breakfast.

“To ensure Vegemite maintains pride of place at the Australian breakfast table, we have also chosen to elevate the nutrition credentials of Vegemite through the broader campaign, re-engaging and reminding Australians that Vegemite is an important part of a healthy breakfast in Australia,” he said.




Luke Mangan’s new product range

Renowned Australian chef, Luke Mangan, has added a range of new relishes and condiments to his Providores collection.

Product Name: Luke Mangan's Caramelised Onion Relish (pictured above)

Product manufacturer: Luke Mangan Providores

Ingredients: Onions, vinegar, brown sugar, pepper and maize cornflour

Packaging: 200g glass jar

Product manager: Justine Cooper

Brand website:

What the company says
As the cooler season of hearty roasts and robust meals approaches, Luke Mangan has added a flavoursome range of relishes and mustards to his Providores collection, which works to lift to any home-cooked winter dish.

The Michelin-star trained chef developed most of the Providores range in the kitchen of his restaurant, so now people can enjoy chef-standard products when cooking at home.

The new relishes and mustards are free from preservatives and additives and complement the existing Providores collection, which includes locally-sourced, cold-pressed olive oils and an extensive range of spice rubs and dukkah.

Luke Mangan's Caramelised Onion Relish is perfectly paired with cold meats, a Ploughman's lunch or barbequed meats.

RRP $9.95, 200g jar


Product name: Luke Mangan's Tomato Relish

Ingredients: Tomatoes, onion, sugar, vinegar, salt and spice

Packaging: 200g glass jar

What the company says
Luke Mangan's Tomato Relish is made using a traditional Tasmanian recipe and is also perfect with barbequed meats or a homemade pie.

RRP $9.95, 200g jar


Product name: Luke Mangan's Wasabi Mustard

Ingredients: Mustard powder, white vinegar, cold pressed canola oil, wasabi, sugar and salt.

Packaging: 120g glass jar

What the company says
Luke Mangan's Wasabi Mustard is a sensational accompaniment to a seafood platter or grilled fish.

RRP $9.95, 120g jar

Product name: Luke Mangan's Tarragon Mustard

Ingredients:  Tarragon vinegar, mustard powder, honey and cold pressed canola oil.

Packaging: 120g glass jar

What the company says
Luke Mangan's Tarragon Mustard is made using Luke Mangan’s specially designed Tarragon Vinegar and works well when added to mayonnaise or served with chicken or smoked fish.

RRP $8.95, 120g jar


Troubled Spring Gully gets boost after plea

Spring Gully Foods went into voluntary administration on Friday after crumbling with debts of more than $3 million, leaving the future of jobs hanging.

But the 65-year-old South Australian pickles and sauce food company got a boost when three weeks worth of sales happened in three days, reviving its hope of a brighter future.

A huge supply of pickled onion, gherkins, chutneys, sweet chilli sauce, Worcestershire sauce and other products left its Dry Creek warehouse on Sunday to stock up supermarkets around the state.  

More truckloads are expected to follow today after huge orders for the products from major retailers, Adelaide Now reported.

Spring Gully managing director Kevin Webb said the company had received extraordinary support from its customers from Friday to Monday, with orders coming in from Foodland, IGA and Coles for its South Australian stores.

Spring Gully was also granted a large new national contract by Coles yesterday to supply its Coles Brand Brown Pickled Onions in 525g jars.

“We are going to help them by stocking extra Dick Smith products and awarding new contracts to supply Coles brand products,” Coles general manager for SA Vito Borello said.

“This new national contract will add to our existing range of more than 30 branded and Coles Brand products supplied by Spring Gully.”

Foodland chief executive Russell Markham said that in 35 years in the industry, he had never seen such sentiment and boost in sales to an announcement.

“I made a call to Spring Gully at the weekend to allocate a carton of every one of its products to every Foodland store,” he said.

Webb blamed a tough retail environment and rising utility costs for the company’s collapse but was unable to explain the sudden 60 per cent fall in its sales.

“For some reason our sales just fell off four to five weeks ago which we’re still trying to figure out,” he said.

The company sells its own products and produces goods under contract as well – Dick Smith jams and Ozemite comprise 20 per cent of the company’s sales – through the major supermarket chains.

But Mr Webb did not blame Coles and Woolworths or comment on whether changes to the position of his products on supermarket shelves played a role in the slump in sales.

He said customers decided the future of the company but the collapse brought up a more worrying issue.

"We ask for your support around the country, to buy the Spring Gully, Leabrook Farm, Gardener brands and support Dick Smith in his endeavours to help people like ourselves produce Australian-grown food," he said.

Administrator Austin Taylor of Meertens Chartered Accountants will hold a creditors meeting soon but the company will keep running and employ 43 people until its future is known.

Sesame & Soya Dressing

Product name: Sesame & Soya Dressing

Product manufacturer: SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce

Ingredients: Japanese fermented soy sauce, pure sesame oil, brown sugar, water, sesame seeds, sea salt, dried chillies

Shelf life: six months

Packaging: Glass bottle

Product manager: Saori Kojima

Brand website:

What the company says
Saori Kojima created her range of healthy and delicious sauces so that anybody can enjoy a large variety of quick and easy Japanese dishes.

You don’t need to go to a restaurant to enjoy fine Japanese meals anymore. You can make them in the comfort your own home – anytime you like.

SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce, based in Melbourne, is 100 percent homemade and uses quality Japanese ingredients and recipes to give them their authentic flavours.

Sesame & Soya Dressing is unique in that it is a salad dressing and a stir-fry sauce in one. With its remarkably different hot and cold tastes, you can create delicious stir-fries and/or exotic salads from the one bottle. It can also be used as an excellent gyoza or sushi/nori roll dipping sauce. Anyway that you choose to use it…it is simply delicious.


Head of Tabasco dies at 68

Paul C.P. McIlhenny, chief executive of McIlhenny Co, maker of the Tabasco hot pepper sauces, has died aged 68.

The company, based on Louisiana's Avery Island and founded in 1868, released a statement announcing McIlhenny's death on Saturday.

In the statement, McIlhenny was credited with helping the company to achieve years of record growth in sales and earnings.

According to Huffington Post, McIlhenny joined the company in 1967, overseeing production and product quality before taking on the role of president in 1998 and CEO two years later.

The statement said McIlhenny led the way on new brand merchandising, taking an instrumental role in the company's catalog business of licensed merchandise, which included t-shirts, aprons, neckties, stuffed toy bears and computer screensavers.

Also a company director at the time of his death, McIlhenny was among the fourth generation to produce the Tabasco branded sauce on Avery Island. 


No Added Sugar or Salt Peanut Butter

Product name: No Added Sugar or Salt Peanut Butter

Product manufacturer: Kraft Foods

Ingredients: Roasted peanuts (91 percent minimum), vegetable oils (contains antioxidant (320))

Shelf life: eight months

Packaging: No Added Sugar or Salt Peanut Butter is available in a distinctive yellow lid jar made from recyclable plastic

Product manager: Dave Salter

Brand website:

What the company says
Kraft Foods has launched a new variety to its Kraft Peanut Butter range – a specially formulated peanut butter with No Added Sugar or Salt.

Created with health conscious peanut butter lovers in mind, No Added Sugar or Salt Peanut Butter is made up of 91 percent (minimum) lightly roasted peanuts. It contains high quality hi oleic peanuts, which have a fatty acid combination similar to olive oil, with more of the ‘good fats’, essential to a balanced diet.

The new peanut butter variety is a healthier way to enjoy Australia’s favourite peanut butter spread as it’s packed with peanuts – not sugar or salt – while still retaining a rich, delicious taste.

Kraft Foods nutritionist, Jenni Cooper, describes how peanut butter can be an important part of a healthy balanced eating plan. "We should all aim to consume a healthy balanced diet, rich in mono-unsaturated fat. Being of plant origin, No Added Sugar or Salt Peanut Butter is naturally cholesterol free and is rich in the good fats, mono-unsaturated fats, which are important for your heart’s wellbeing."