Asahi beverages using data to drive efficiency

Manufacturers poor record of embracing technology to drive efficiency is costing the nation billions of dollars in lost opportunity. According to a recent report by McKinsey & Co, manufacturers are discarding up to 99 per cent of their data before decision makers ever have a chance to use it.                                                                                                                                                              

Operations Feedback Systems (OFS) a provider of real time productivity improvement software has announced that Asahi Beverages is deploying the OFS Software Suite across all of its manufacturing facilities in Australia and New Zealand.

Large businesses with a distributed manufacturing footprint face significant challenges in identifying and propagating best practices. To be effective, all sites need to know how they are tracking against performance standards. The sites that are failing to meet these performance standards are the ones that need the most help and support from management.

"In order to propagate best practice throughout Asahi Beverages, I need to know how we are tracking against our performance standards. For this we have developed our own KPI methodology that lets us benchmark our performance at all levels", says Mr. Wayne Angus, GM of Manufacturing Operations.

"The problem we had was that just to calculate and distribute our KPIs every day required tremendous time and resource.”

“OFS was able to give us our exact in-house KPIs, in real time, which we see as a game changer. It means that the whole organisation from myself to every operator is looking at how we are going, all the time, on any web browser. Not only did this immediately save us countless hours daily, but we see this as a key enabler on our best practice journey.”

There are numerous opportunities for food manufacturers to become more efficient in very simple, inexpensive ways said OFS, including reviewing operating procedures, reducing changeover times, or identifying and improving under-performing assets.

Industry-first wireless pressure gauge

Emerson Process Management has introduced the industry’s first WirelessHART pressure gauge. The Rosemount Wireless Pressure Gauge enables remote collection of field data, keeping operators updated on changing field conditions and improving personnel safety by reducing manual operator rounds and field exposure.

Mechanical gauges are plagued with quality and reliability issues. These issues are commonly associated with overpressure, vibration, corrosion, extreme temperatures, and accidental damage. Additionally, mechanical gauges are unable to communicate a device status.

Emerson’s new pressure gauge uses field-proven piezoresistive sensor technology to deliver reliable pressure readings. With the flexibility to accommodate changing process conditions, the wireless pressure Gauge also gives up to 150X overpressure protection compared to traditional gauges, which provides for a safer field environment by using two layers of process isolation.

Bourdon tube gauges have traditionally been a mainstay for taking pressure readings in the field, but are limited to visual indication of process conditions when an operator is present. Bourdon tubes also use moving parts, which can break or wear over time due to use and vibration, causing inaccurate readings or process to spill. 

The gauge eliminates mechanical common weak points by removing the components that inhibit the device from reporting/displaying pressure and providing up to a 10-year life, which reduces maintenance cost and time. 

The large 125mm gauge face provides easy field visibility.