Bulla brings Fairy Bread to its Dairy Foods range

Bulla Dairy Foods has built on the success of their Lamington and Coconut Ice range with the introduction of three new flavour stick ice cream combinations.

The newest ice cream range, including Fairy Bread, Cookies & Cream and Cookie Crumble, aims to provide consumers with fresh milk and cream that they love.

According to Bulla Dairy Foods General Manager Nick Hickford, Bulla is committed to tradition and innovation.

“There is nothing more iconic for Australians than fairy bread. By reinventing this family classic and bringing it to life in a fun frozen format, we’re confident that we’ll be keeping this much loved treat alive for many more generations to come,” Hickford says.

Fairy Bread features vanilla-flavoured ice cream dipped in a white choc coating and covered in colourful sprinkles. Cookies & Cream includes cookie-flavoured ice cream dipped in a white choc coating and covered with chocolate cookie pieces.

Bulla’s new range comes in packs of six and is available in most supermarkets.

Frosty Boy signals intention to expand into Asia

FROSTY Boy Australia is determined to become the world’s preferred dessert and beverage base
manufacturer, with the Asia-Pacific market key to success.

In seeking new business prospects, the company is set to attend two of the region’s largest food and beverage expos, HOTELEX in Shanghai and Food&HotelAsia 2016 in Singapore.

According to Frosty Boy CEO Dirk Pretorius, the company manufactures the equivalent of two million serves of soft serve ice cream daily, with export making up 75 per cent of business.

“We have already had great sucess in the Asia-Pacific region, with a great deal of our product being exported there, but there is still so much room for growth,” Pretorius said.

Frosty Boy had recently been placed in high esteem to the rest of the world when its partnerships with Asian companies took place under Australia’s improved trade agreements.

“Brand Australia in particular has contributed towards the company’s growth and is strongly
recognised in international markets, particularly in China. Good quality Australian products, such as
our beverage, frozen yoghurt and soft serve bases are in constant high demand,” he said.

Weis Bars set for China push

According to a report in Toowoomba Chronicle, ice cream bar maker Weis is planning a staggered push into the Chinese market.

The Toowoomba-based company employs almost 100 staff and has been exporting their iconic summer frozen fruit bars to Japan for more than 20 years.

Some 30 per cent of its business is outside Australia and co-owner Julie Weis said the company was looking to further grow its export business.

"We got to a point where our export markets, particularly in the US, took off faster than expected and any excess capacity in our plant was gone," she said.

"We were contained – until we did an expansion at our factory and got equipment in place.”

"That's finished and now we'll be going aggressively to find new markets for our product."

The company said it was focusing on certain regions of China as the next big market.

“That’s going to be our big push over the next five years," Ms Weis said.

Les Weis succeeded his father in 1957, when Weis bars was known as Fruitos and built it into the Australian icon it is today.

Julie and her brother Peter took over the company 20 years ago, and in that time, the duo has turned the company into one of the biggest employers in Toowoomba.

Fonterra finds novel way to drive cream sales in China

Fonterra China Foodservices has partnered with the country’s biggest restaurant rating website, Dianping.com – a site with more than 180 million active users – to find the best cakes in China using Anchor Cream.

 Esther Chu, Vice President of Fonterra China Foodservices, said the campaign has made an immediate splash among Fonterra’s bakery customers and consumers in China.
“More than 5,200 outlets from 158 bakery customers in 241 cities across China have jumped on board and, in just three weeks, more than seven million votes have been cast by Chinese cake lovers,” she says.
“Before the campaign started, only 54% of the 405 participating recipes were topped with Anchor cream so to qualify all of them have converted, which will have a direct impact on our sales.”
With Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year, along with a number of major festivals, all falling within the space of a few short months, winter is the peak season for cake consumption in China.
“The competition is perfectly timed to maximise brand and product exposure and drive cake sales, and the response from our customers and their consumers is testament to that,” says Chu.
Every drop of Anchor Cream used in the competition is sourced from the Co-operative’s new state-of-the-art UHT facility at Waitoa, in the Waikato, meaning it is the freshest whipping cream in the market, says Operations Manager Russell Muir.
“China is a real growth market for UHT cream, so we’re pulling out all the stops to ensure when our customers order Anchor they’re getting the freshest cream. We’ve put a programme in place to get our cream to market faster and have managed to cut that lead time down to around 33 days from Waitoa to China.”
Fonterra’s premium Anchor brand is already a leading player in China’s dairy cream segment. But the business has an ambitious goal to increase Anchor cream sales at a 42 per cent compound annual growth rate from F15 to F18. To achieve that, it will continue to work hard on converting bakery customers from using non-dairy to Anchor dairy ingredients.
“The market share of dairy cream in China’s booming bakery sector is still small compared to more matured markets. But with bakeries gaining popularity and Chinese consumers’ increasing awareness towards health, there has been steadily increasing demand for dairy nutrition here in China. This creates huge opportunities for our Anchor professional dairy ingredients business here,” Chu noted.
The campaign winner will be announced in January 2016.

Anchor launches new premium cream range

The dairy aisle is set to experience a shakeup this month with the arrival of Anchor cream; a premium range of quality creams made from 100 per cent Australian dairy.

With over 125 years dairying experience around the globe, Anchor saw a gap in the market to deliver a high-quality, Australian-made, fresh cream range that boasts unique packaging for ultimate convenience in the kitchen.

Created with foodies and cooks in mind, the new Anchor Cream range features innovative markers on the side of the bottle to ensure precise pouring and easy measurement. For added convenience, screw top lids allow for safe storage and will eliminate those messy drips and leaks.
But the measure of perfection doesn't stop there. Anchor Cream's bottles are also unique in size, with exact one (250mL) and two-cup (500mL) size products to make following a recipe hassle free.

Originating in New Zealand, Anchor is a leading dairy brand in many markets globally and is renowned for its grass to glass supply chain. Now operating in Australia, a newly built state-of-the-art Cobden plant in South West Victoria, makes Anchor's fresh cream. 

Anchor cream is created from milk from a select group of 34 local dairy farmers to ensure the finest Australian dairy is used to create their cream.

Frosty Boy Australia launches indulgent European-inspired beverage

Combining three premium cocoas and drawing inspiration from the decadent tastes of Italy, Frosty Boy Australia has what it calls "the ultimate winter beverage" with a new addition to The Art of Blend range.

The Italian Hot Chocolate takes the classic hot chocolate to new heights with a thick, intense flavour providing consumers with an indulgence reminiscent to the rich cultures of Europe.

The gourmet blend can be served with additional ingredients including peanut butter, cream and coconut, to create unique flavours and a luxurious drinking experience.
Frosty Boy CEO Dirk Pretorius said the new addition to the range further cements the manufacturer’s position in the growing beverage market.

“The Art of Blend range continues to present us with new opportunities and is helping us to build relationships in the hospitality, retail and catering sectors,” he said.
“Our customers use The Art of Blend to address a demand from the market for more beverage choices and the Italian Hot Chocolate powder responds to consumers’ wish for indulgent, comfort treats during the winter months.”

The Art of Blend range, launched by the frozen dessert and beverage manufacturer in 2014, includes powder-based beverage blends which can be mixed by a blender, granita machine, coffee machine or served hot or over ice.

Frosty Boys National Sales and Marketing Manger Felipe Demartini said the manufacturer’s marketing department and research and development team works closely with customers to create tailored and exclusive solutions that are both cost effective, attractive to consumers and drive retail sales.

“The versatility of the Art of Blend range means the retailers we supply to can use our products to create their own unique menu items,” Mr Demartini said.

The Italian Hot Chocolate flavour joins eight other blends in the range including Aromatic Spiced Chai, Creative Yogurt Smoothie, Premium Mocha Latte, Velvet Dairy Frappe Base, Original Iced Coffee, Decadent Milk Chocolate and Finest Belgian Chocolate.