Nive Beef launches paddock-to-plate beef Jerky

Nive Beef has launched their brand new sustainable, paddock-to-plate beef jerky.

Nive Beef Founders husband and wife team Doug and Rachelle Cameron use low stress methods with their cattle and beef production and are proud to provide a product that customers can trust and enjoy.

Rachelle Cameron says that being involved in the manufacturing process of Nive Beef Jerky from beginning to end ensures product integrity and quality.

“We process our own 100% grass-fed cattle and use only the best cuts of meat to produce premium jerky for the consumer,” says Ms Cameron.

“The marinade used on the beef is Doug’s original recipe which also ensures we know exactly what is going into the meat in order to produce trustworthy beef jerky with a great flavour that our customers will continue coming back for,” she says.

Doug Cameron says the process has taken just under two years from idea to having a product on the shelf.

Nive Beef Jerky is 100% grass-fed, hormone-free and preservative-free jerky that is low in fat, low in sugar and high in protein.

Nive Beef Jerky Original is now available for purchase online and in some Southern Queensland retailers, with Hot & Spicy and Heated Garlic flavours still to come.