Dematic’s Virtual Showcase coming to Australia and New Zealand

Throughout COVID-19 restrictions, automation solutions provider Dematic has been running a series of Virtual Showcases all around the world. Throughout July and August, the organisation will bring the series to Australia and New Zealand, with three online sessions focussing on food and beverage, e-commerce, and industry and spare parts.

The theme of the Virtual Showcase Series is Supply Chain Resilience in an era of Change and Uncertainty.  Supply chain resilience and agility are being elevated to the top of the agenda in these increasingly uncertain times where rapid change is the norm rather than the exception. Companies are recognising that optimised supply chains deliver companies the edge in terms of superior customer service levels, reduced costs, increased margins and profitability, and are critical for business continuity especially in times of crisis.

The Dematic Virtual Showcase is the digital way to keep track of the key challenges and opportunities facing supply chains, and see how leading companies are implementing innovative automation to capitalise on these in an increasingly hyper-competitive world.

To find out more and to register your place, click here: