Real dairy flavour at the touch of a button

Bulla Dairy Foods has released an innovative single serve dispensing system for commercial retailers aptly named Bulla Real Dairy Soft.

The system employs simple pod technology to dispense everyone’s favourite Bulla flavours with the touch of a button.

Nick Hickford, General Manager –Marketing and Innovation said, “We’re thrilled to bring this innovative product to market. Over six generations, Bulla has built a reputation for delivering premium quality dairy products. This system enables us to maintain the integrity of Bulla Real Dairy Soft with an advanced delivery system for instant enjoyment”.

The entire Bulla Real Dairy Soft process requires no cleaning and is completely recyclable, enabling users to deliver big flavour with a small environmental footprint.

“The versatility and convenience of this product will provide considerable benefit to our commercial accounts, who are looking for a no fuss and no waste solution,” Hickford continued.

The Bulla Real Dairy Soft pod system has four flavours: Cookies & Cream, Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla.