Grading pizza using artificial intelligence

Domino’s Pizza has  announced the launch of its DOM Pizza Checker, which is designed to  improve product quality and consistency throughout all Domino’s stores in Australia and New Zealand.

The technology has been introduced to tackle one of the Company’s most common customer complaints; “My pizza doesn’t look like it should?”

Domino’s Australia CEO, Nick Knight, said DOM Pizza Checker will address this concern by ensuring that only the highest quality pizzas go out the door, even in busy periods, eliminating inconsistency in product quality.

“DOM Pizza Checker [is] a smart scanner that sits above the cut bench and checks the quality of every pizza; working alongside our team members to help them make and bake pizzas to perfection every single time,”  Knight said. “If the pizza meets our high standards it’s good to go and if it’s not made right, we’ll make it again. This means our team members won’t lose focus on quality during busy periods and our customers can have greater confidence in our products.

“Currently, DOM Pizza Checker can recognise, analyse and grade pizzas based on pizza type, correct toppings and even distribution. It does this by capturing an image of the pizza and using artificial intelligence to compare this data with a large dataset of correct pizzas, making a quick assessment.

“Later this year we will be releasing even more features, including the ability to provide customers with a real-time image of their pizza on the cut bench. As part of this process, they will also be notified if their pizza has failed our strong quality testing, resulting in a remake,” Knight said.

Domino’s Pizza launches augmented reality pizza chef

Domino’s Pizza has released a pizza chef app, which uses the latest in augmented reality technology to help customers create their ultimate, favourite pizzas.

The latest in the company’s technology innovation, gives customers a real-time experience to create their own pizza combination through the Domino’s app on their mobile device.

Domino’s Group chief digital and technology officer Michael Gillespie said the company’s new Pizza Chef uses Google’s and Apple’s augmented reality development frameworks to understand the space around users.

“Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit use the phone’s camera to provide stable, advanced spatial awareness and an understanding of the real world around our customers. Enabling them to see their dream pizza steaming right in front of them and viewed from any angle,” said Gillespie.

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The New Pizza Chef will be available on the existing Domino’s iPhone and android app which means not only can customers create their own pizzas, they still have the ability to access the full Domino’s menu, latest deals and track their order through GPS driver tracker technology.

“Developed using the Unity cross-platform game engine, an engine more associated with gaming than mobile retail, the new Pizza Chef offers a high quality of realism in its images as well as incorporating gamification elements to further engage customers,” said Gillespie.

Innovations such as this are important as they help Domino’s to continue to drive online sales and make the online ordering experience more seamless, he said.

Domino’s Group chief marketing officer Allan Collins said the starting point of the customer’s pizza meal was the placing of the order through the customer’s eyes.

“Users will be able to visually create their favourite pizza by dragging toppings onto a virtual pizza, selecting their preferred crust, sauce, cheese and swirls and see it being created first-hand.

“The development of the new Pizza Chef gives customers the ultimate technology by creating a pizza just the way they like it,” he said.

“Making sure each ingredient shown reflects the weight we use in store, means that the pizza a customer receives looks the same as the one they created; and that makes for a more satisfied customer,” said Collins.


Domino’s Pizza CEO’s pay packet tops a list of record-breaking earners in Australia

The Australian Domino’s Pizza CEO is earning more than a slice of pizza as he tops the list of highest payed bosses in the country.

The Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI) found that the highest paid ASX200 CEO in the 2017 financial year was Don Meij from Domino’s.

With more than $36 million to his name that year, Meij’s earnings supersede CEO’s from other large companies in Australia.

The second highest earners were Peter and Steven Lowy from Westfield Corp, who earned about $25.9m.

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Macquarie Group’s CEO, Nicholas Moore wasn’t far off second place with a generous $25.2m.

Persistent and increasing bonus payments drove remuneration to record levels, according to the latest analysis from ACSI.

The pay packets have been the highest reported for ASX100 CEOs since the study began 17 years ago.

The report found that all but six of the 80 CEOs eligible for a bonus received one.

The median bonuses awarded to CEOs was at 70.5 per cent of their maximum entitlement.

ACSI chief executive Louise Davidson said at a time when public trust in businesses was low and wage growth was week, board decisions to pay large bonuses for hitting budget targets rather then for exceptional performance was “especially tone deaf”.

“This may be a sign that boards have lost sight of the link between a company’s social licence and the expectations of communities and investors.

“It’s a sad state of affairs when bonuses have become such a sure thing.”

If the issue was not addressed voluntarily, legislative intervention may be needed to give shareholders a greater say, Davidson said.

“We will be looking closely at bonus outcomes in the upcoming reporting season. If they’re not transparent and reflective of performance, we will be recommending that our members vote against those remuneration reports.”

There were too few female CEOs in the ASX200 for ACSI to analyse gender pay equality in its survey.

ACSI counted more CEOs called Andrew in the ASX100 sample than women.

Other top earners included Chris Rex from Ramsay Health Care at $22.3m and Alan Joyce from Qantas Airways at $11.2m.