Bonfiglioli here to help

Steeped in 60 years of rich history, Bonfiglioli prides itself on the design, production and distribution of gearmotors, drive systems, planetary gearboxes and inverters. The brand is currently present in 80 countries and has more than 3,000 members of staff.

Martin Broglia, managing director for Bonfiglioli ANZ said that the company handles some of Australia’s most complex industrial automation demands.

“We pride ourselves on a winning combination of capability and technology and we are able to assemble drives up to 600Kw right here, on-site.”

“Bonfiglioli carries a large local stock holding and offers in-house service and technical staff to assist with field service and commissioning. Our engineering team is also here to help with more technical applications”.

Packaging Solutions
Among an array of industries serviced, Bonfiglioli meets the requirements of the food and packaging industry. “We offer solutions for grain, handling and milling, baking processing as well as fruit and beverage processing,” says Broglia.

Bonfiglioli offers specific products for hygienic, explosion-proof and enhanced protection, developed to deliver the reliability and durability typically demanded by the food and beverage sector. “Our products are typically found in meat and fish, poultry, diary and packaging industries and can handle anything from delicate food packaging to large grain mills and crushers.”

“For grain handling and milling, we offer the F series – a shaft mounted gearbox and geared motor. To name but a few benefits it offers easy installation, quiet operation, high torque capabilities and energy saving.”

“Another great product for handling, particularly for bucket elevators, is our HDO series of heavy-duty gearboxes and geared motors. It acts as a one-stop complete drive solution, and offers highly transmissible power, extensive customisation, an external cooling-system and quiet operation.”

Bonfiglioli’s A series of helical bevel geared motors with an auxiliary drive is ideal for handling and storage in the packaging industry. “It’s efficient, cost-effective, compact and modular and offers flexible mounting,” said Broglia.

An all-rounder
Bonfiglioli offers vast experience and a solid competence in an array of industries. From food and beverage, agriculture and packaging to mining, intralogistics and many more. “Answering to the call of Industry 4.0, we also offer a Condition Monitoring System. This is an innovative solution for constantly monitoring the health of a gearbox and avoiding costly downtime,” he said.

“We pride ourselves on meeting health and safety requirements and accurately delivering to our customers’ needs – on time and on budget.”

Innovative drive solutions for the digital revolution

Nord Drivesystems manufacturers drive solutions (hardware and software) and supports customers with its communication and application know-how in the Industry 4.0 realm.

Nord’s intelligent, networked drives enables continuous condition monitoring and  forms the basis of predictive maintenance. In addition, they offer intelligent digitized production, advanced maintenance concepts and new services.

All Nord drives are Industry 4.0 Ready and can be directly integrated as active components in Industry 4.0 environments throughout the world.

According to managing director for Nord Drivesystems Australia, Martin Broglia, the prerequisites for this is the internal PLC as decentralised intelligence and the extensive range of communication options. “The drive units are compatible with all common field buses and Ethernet-based protocols and provide analogue and digital interfaces for sensors and actuators.”

“Drives are prepared for integration into a cloud and can be connected to various external cloud systems,” says Broglia.

Action instead of reaction
“Fast, efficient and comprehensive evaluation of analogue and digital data by the intelligent PLC in the drive electronics forms the basis for modern maintenance and servicing concepts, such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.”

Due to continuous monitoring of the field level, linking of communication, sensors, process data and vital parameters of the drive, deviations from the normal state can be quickly detected. “Drive operators therefore have the possibility of responding in good time before damage or breakdowns occur“ says Broglia.

Condition-oriented maintenance replaces time-based maintenance. This results user benefits such as an increase in plant availability, prevention of unscheduled down times, improved planning of service and maintenance as well as a significant reduction in costs.

Virtual sensors
At present, Nord is investigating sensorless monitoring of oil ageing and the condition of geared motors with virtual sensors. The aim is a predictive maintenance concept which determines the optimum oil change and maintenance intervals for each individual geared motor, oriented to the actual condition of the geared motor and the gear oil. “For this, intelligent algorithms evaluate the operating data of the frequency inverter and determines the oil temperature from this information.”

Without the hardware costs for external sensors, oil ageing and the optimum time for replacing the gear unit lubricant can be determined with great reliability.

“Tests have shown that the oil temperature as measured in tests can be reliably calculated,” Broglia concludes.




Cost-efficient logistics drives in three preferred configurations

In plants with many drive units, the total cost of ownership can be reduced by up to 70 per cent through intelligent management of variants. Therefore, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has established three preferred sizes for efficient variable-frequency drives in materials handling and conveyor applications. These cover the typical functional and performance requirements in postal hubs, intralogistics applications, and baggage handling systems. The standardized drive systems greatly simplify purchasing, engineering, commissioning, and spare parts stocking. Moreover, they are particularly easy to install, operate, and maintain.

Limiting the number of variants can yield greater total cost of ownership (TCO) savings than any other measure except for lowering energy consumption. Therefore, drive manufacturers should be able to provide viable drive system standardizations for specific industrial segments. Preferred variants will also benefit customers by simplifying the procurement process, from the first drive purchase to any orders that may follow. Fewer variants also make inventory management much easier.

Furthermore, they make planning and engineering processes less complex for everyone – the drive supplier, the OEM, and the end user. The challenge is to select as few drive configurations as possible in such a way that they adequately fulfill the varied tasks without being oversized. Drive engineers therefore need to thoroughly analyze sector-specific patterns of drive operation and application-specific needs.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has been designing efficient drive technology for intralogistics and airports for many years. Based on this wealth of experience, the German manufacturer has developed the LogiDrive line of three preferred drive variants optimized for these applications. LogiDrive systems ensure leaner purchasing, engineering, system maintenance, and staff training processes. Only very few spare parts must be kept in stock. As a result, the TCO in postal hubs, warehouses, and baggage handling systems can be reduced by up to 70 per cent.

1.LogiDrive systems are equipped with IE4 motors which pay for themselves very quickly in applications with frequent partial-load operation.
1. LogiDrive systems are equipped with IE4 motors which pay for themselves very quickly in applications with frequent partial-load operation.



Three variants, much flexibility

The LogiDrive line is the solution for conveyor systems spanning many hundred meters. The variable-frequency drives (VFDs) allow for simple daisy-chaining; short power lines can be connected from one drive to the next. NORD has tailored this line to intralogistics and airport technology. Three geared motor variants meet all typical performance requirements. IE4 permanent-magnet synchronous motors with power ratings of 1.1 kW, 1.5 kW, or 2.2 kW are combined with efficient two-stage helical-bevel gearboxes in two sizes for torques up to 260 Nm. Robust frequency inverters from the NORDAC LINK series enable a wide range of speeds. The systems feature a high overload capacity and offer a uniquely versatile range of functions. Interfaces for all commercially available communication protocols are available, including PROFINET, Ethernet POWERLINK, EtherCAT, and EtherNet/IP.

Extremely user-friendly and efficient

LogiDrive systems are easy, quick, and safe to install thanks to coded plug-in connectors. Maintenance switches, key switches, and direction switches on the devices allow for flexible direct access to individual drive axes for setup or service. Sensors and actuators can be connected via M12 plugs. Sensor data collected by the inverters can be passed on to higher-level systems, which reduces otherwise necessary wiring. Plug & play, pre-parameterized inverters also simplify maintenance. Drive components can be easily replaced. Instead of swapping out entire drive units, for instance, only the geared motor can be exchanged. Thanks to their light-alloy housings, the compact drives are easy to handle as well: on average, they are about 25% lighter than steel-alloy drives. The LogiDrive systems’ IE4 or Super Premium Efficiency synchronous motors take their energy-saving potential to its full extent in conveying systems with frequent partial-load operation. By consuming significantly less energy, they pay for themselves in a very short time.

Integrated safety

LogiDrive systems efficiently and safely power horizontal, inclined, and vertical conveyors. A load monitor protects the driven equipment by stopping the motor in case of blocked applications. NORD can even implement the STO and SS1 safety functions according to EN 61800-5-2 for every single drive axis by means of TÜV-certified electronic modules. Employing field-oriented vector control, the inverters achieve high-precision control. In hoist applications, for example, they provide full torque from zero speed and reliably deliver set speeds even under load fluctuations. Standard inverter features furthermore include connection options for incremental and absolute encoders. The drives manage absolute and relative positioning as well as smart braking. Positions and distances can be programmed via the bus or directly on the device. Multiple drives in master/slave operation can synchronize speeds or positions. Featuring integrated PLC as well as PI controller functions and a wide range of sensor interfaces, these systems can even be used to drive fully autonomous modular equipment in a larger installation.


NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has extensive practical experience in the field of conveyor technology. The drive manufacturer has designed efficient drive systems for hundreds of intralogistics plants and airports worldwide. The company draws on a large modular program of drive components that are manufactured in-house. The energy-saving motors are suitable for worldwide use and available in all common efficiency classes. The NORD gear portfolio comprises numerous gear types and covers an extremely wide range of torques and gear ratios. The VFDs provide enhanced intelligence in plant segments and ensure high efficiency especially in partial-load operation. Furthermore, electronic inverters enable highly flexible speed adjustment. This allows for limiting the drive variants in a larger installation to only a few sizes and gear ratios. The new LogiDrive systems for airport and other logistics applications demonstrate the benefits of greatly simplified variant management and the major cost savings associated with it.


Innovative chains for the food industry

Tsubaki offers innovative chains that provide reliable solutions for drive, conveyor or attachment applications.

Lambda Lube-Free Chain

This lube-free, oil impregnated, sintered roller chain dispenses with the need to use external lubricant and can extend the wear-life of conveyor equipment dramatically.  Lube-free conveyor chains also protect food products and packaging, as well as equipment. 

As a result of this technology from Tsubaki, wear is minimal, optimising performance and improving productivity.  Thanks to Tsubaki Lambda chains, environments that have traditionally used expensive food grade lubricants can now operate without the need for chain lubrication.

Tsubaki NEP Chain

NEP chain has been developed for operation in environments that involve corrosive chemicals, excessive moisture or saltwater and can suffer from corrosion, wear and reduced performance if not suitably protected. 

The Tsubaki NEP chain undergoes a special surface treatment which involves a three stage process to ensure that all the components in the chain have the maximum protection for operating in corrosive environments.  NEP chain is available in both BS and ANSI specifications as well as being available in Lambda lube-free design.  

Bonfiglioli appoints CBC as a national distribution partner

Bonfiglioli Transmission has appointed CBC Australia as a national distribution partner in a major expansion in distribution of its range of industrial motors and drives.
CBC is Australia’s largest distributor of bearings, power transmission and engineered solutions. With more than 450 staff, 60 branches and over 100 channel partners, CBC is more than equipped to partner Bonfiglioli and achieve their expansion objective, said Bonfiglioli’s Managing Director Malcolm Lewis.
For over 60 years, CBC Australia has been servicing mining and heavy industry all over Australia. CBC has continued to grow their product range to meet all facets of industry.
Lewis said CBC adds a new dimension to Bonfiglioli’s established distribution network for the locally engineered and global ranges of Bonfiglioli products.
“Bonfiglioli motors and drives are among the world’s most advanced and reliable for industrial processes, automation, mobile and renewable energy applications in 80 countries on 5 continents. They are extensively supported in Australia by local engineering expertise and excellent inventory, qualities which are ideally complemented by CBC’s similar emphasis on in-depth service and customer satisfaction,” Lewis said.
CBC Sales Director, George Khoury said the Bonfiglioli range complements CBC’s philosophy and resources, which includes inventory of more than $50 million and a strong team of engineers to apply local service and expertise to Bonfiglioli’s outstanding global technology.
“Bonfiglioli has the range, quality, customer-responsiveness and local skills to contribute to a powerful partnership that aligns with CBC’s values, to secure our customer’s productivity through exceptional service, technical support, superior range of international brands and assurance of stock availability.”


Drive systems show their sweet side

Many steps are necessary to make chocolate from cocoa beans.

During this process, ingredients and mixtures in various states remain in near-continuous motion for hours and days on end, which requires reliable drive systems.

In Zotter Schokoladen’s factory in Austria, the durability and fail-safe operation of these drives is doubly significant: firstly, smooth operation ensures top quality of the final product.

Secondly, the production line is always open to thousands of visitors who should of course not witness any malfunctions.

For years now, the facility has been using geared motors from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS for conveying, mixing and pumping tasks.

Chocolatier Josef Zotter is a man of principle, and sustainable production is his prime directive.

His factory in Riegersburg in the South of Austria completely relies on renewable energy and generates most of it from burning in-house waste products. Fair treatment – of both farmers and consumers – is equally important to Zotter.

Therefore, he is the only chocolate manufacturer in Europe to exclusively use fair trade materials in organic quality.

Zotter expects the same sort of commitment from his suppliers. The Riegersburg factory therefore has strict requirements regarding the standard of machines and plant equipment and the customer service of his technology partners.

The cocoa paste is compressed by a dedicated worm gear unit powered by a helical geared motor.

The cocoa paste is compressed by a dedicated worm gear unit powered by a helical geared motor.

Swiss process engineering expert Bühler was responsible for the design and implementation of the chocolate production facility. Geared motors from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS significantly contribute to smooth operation during all process steps.

“Our suppliers, including NORD, are very reliable”, says Thomas Linshalm, head of cocoa processing at Zotter. “Reliability is essential in all our machines. Therefore, it is good to know that NORD is there to react quickly in case of a problem. We can simply call them and be sure to immediately talk to someone who can help – we are very pleased with that.”

Black gold, roasted and ground

Safe in the knowledge that smooth operation of the plant can always be relied on, the Zotter masterminds can bring their power for innovation to full fruition. The company introduces dozens of new flavours with a wide variety of ingredients every year.

These range from pineapple to lemon, from celery to asparagus, from coconut to cheese, and to even more extravagant raw materials. Zotter currently offers bars and other sweets in 365 different varieties.

Belt drive during conche loading.

Belt drive during conche loading.

But regardless of exotic flavours and new creations, classic chocolate remains an indispensable ingredient for a large part of the product range. For years now, chocolate has been produced in-house according to Zotter’s recipes, which is quite unusual for a small manufacturer.

Cocoa beans delivered to the factory are cleaned and then roasted for several minutes at temperatures above 100 °C, and subsequently sterilized under steam pressure. Conveyor drives with 0.75 kW rated power ensure transportation between the cleaning, roasting, and sterilising stations.

The next step is a crusher, where the cocoa nibs are de-shelled. A grinder with a NORD drive then turns the nibs into liquid cocoa paste, which is piped to a mixer. The pumps required for this stage feature 4 kW geared motors.

Inside the mixer, sugar and – for some recipes – dried milk are added to the cocoa paste. On top of that, extra cocoa butter is added from neighbouring tanks which are equipped with several 1.1 kW pump drives.

Liquid turns solid . . .

Mixing the cocoa mass with the other ingredients results in a pourable mass, which is ground in a rolling machine in order to achieve a fine texture. A dedicated worm gear unit powered by a 4 kW helical geared motor then ensures compression.

Based on the current NORDBLOC.1 design, this drive features an innovative construction: The gears are introduced and mounted through the bearing bores. While the axis-to-axis distance is the same as in conventional helical gears, the NORDBLOC.1 design allows for using larger bearings in an overlapping offset configuration.

The shafts are also larger than in other market-standard one-piece systems. Thanks to the larger bearings, the drive systems are considerably stronger and more durable, since wear through radial and axial forces is further minimised.

The larger shaft journals allow for a very flexible implementation of customer specifications, for example regarding shaft diameters or the shape and length of the shaft studs.

. . . and solid turns liquid

Conveyor drives then transport the solidified intermediate product through five rolling machines, where it is gradually refined. Only then does the mixture arrive at the last step of chocolate production. 

Developed by Bühler with special industry know-how, the single-shaft conche is used to reduce the water content, which ensures a smooth, silky consistency. Bitter compounds are evaporated through sophisticated temperature monitoring while the desired aromas remain.

Ingredients and intermediate products are moved from tanks and from one machine to the next by means of several pump drive. Shown above: conche evacuation.

Ingredients and intermediate products are moved from tanks and from one machine to the next by means of several pump drive. Shown above: conche evacuation.

In this application, NORD drives are used for transportation, agitating, and pumping tasks. A helical geared motor serves as a belt drive for filling the conche.

Depending on the recipe, the chocolate mass is agitated for up to 48 hours at increased temperatures in a liquid state, until a product with the finest glaze and the desired aromatic profile is created.

The agitator arms are moved by a space-saving direct drive. The parallel shaft geared motor used for this purpose provides a rated power of 55 kW. The conched mixture is evacuated via a pump system driven by a helical geared motor.

In chocolate production, machines such as grinders, mixers, and agitators as well as many conveyors and pump lines rely on robust drive technology. Various geared motor types from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS accomplish a wide range of these tasks in Josef Zotter’s factory.

Thomas Linshalm, head of chocolate processing at the inspired confectionery company, explains: “We operate a large number of geared motors. Just in case, it is therefore very important for us to always have quick access to spare parts. In general, however, the drives perform very reliably.”