Strengthened organisation focuses on growth in ingredient and process development

DuPont Nutrition and Health announced it is expanding its research and development team by creating a “clean label hub” at the Brabrand facility.

Intending to boost its project pipeline in healthy nutrition and clean label texturant offerings, six new employees will join the existing team to focus on both ingredient and process development.

The hub will feature experts with backgrounds in clean label and sustainability – two fields that often work together and serve related purposes.

Working closely with existing project teams, the hub will bring products to market quickly and help grow the existing project pipeline.

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Gerard Lynch, research and development leader, for systems and texturants, emulsifiers and sweeteners, said clean label was about creating foods and beverages with ingredients that consumers recognised, felt good about putting into their bodies, and that respected the earth and its resources.

“Our ingredients are already used in many applications that consumers consider clean label, but there are tremendous opportunities to innovate – creating ingredients that are even more sustainable, using a larger part of the natural raw materials, while providing health benefits to consumers,” said Lynch.

“Committing to this innovation is critical for our ongoing success and growth,” he said.

With the ability to use the broadest capabilities in terms of natural raw materials access, processing, across fruits, vegetables, seaweeds and nutritional science, DuPont Nutrition and Health can develop functional ingredients that meet consumer expectations.

The hub will help customers continue to navigate clean label trends in a proactive and sustainable way.

DuPont Nutrition and Health is seeking creative scientists and engineers to identify ways to convert sustainable and natural raw materials into clean label solutions that meet consumer demands for simplicity and authenticity, all without compromising taste, texture and nutritional qualities.

Planned to be in place by early 2019, the clean label texturants team will have the opportunity to tackle exciting projects to provide texture and stability for multiple food applications.

DuPont Nutrition and Health global sustainability lead, Mikkel Thrane, said the company was excited to launch the hub and put additional team members into place that will help us advance its innovation strategy to support customers.

“This hub will enable us to continue integrating sustainability and the UN sustainable development goals into our work, and the investment we are making will help us develop healthier, more nutritious and sustainable ingredients for our food supply,” Thrane said.

DuPont Nutrition and Health develops a new, naturally sourced monoglyceride emulsifier

DuPont Nutrition and Health has developed a new, naturally sourced monoglyceride emulsifier that brings food manufacturers improved production and handling efficiencies.

Monoglycerides are among the most widely used emulsifiers in the food industry, but they can become lumpy under certain conditions.

Many food manufacturers faced a challenge with product flowability when using powdered, inhomogenous emulsifiers.

This led DuPont Nutrition and Health to develop the unique beaded format of DIMODAN HP 90-M – a homogenous emulsifier that enhances food manufacturers productivity.

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DIMODAN HP 90-M from the DuPont Danisco ingredient range comes in a beaded format that helps reduce lump formation, resulting in better product flowability.

In addition, dust formation is significantly reduced during production, leading to improved safety and health conditions for the handlers.

DIMODAN HP 90-M delivers the same functionalities and quality as existing monoglyceride emulsifiers and can be applied in various applications including margarine, non-dairy creamers, whipping gels and many more applications.

Sun Ligong, regional product manager, said standard monoglyceride emulsifiers came in a fine, powdered format with inhomogeneous particles that ultimately caused lumps and flow-related issues.

“Our beaded format is coarse with more homogeneous particles that prevents lumping and increases flowability. This brings a number of enhancements to the production and shipping stages for our customers who now have products with more consistency,” said Ligong.

DIMODAN HP 90-M is a naturally and sustainably sourced emulsifier, based on palm oil.

As of January 2017, DuPont Nutrition and Health completed its switch to 100 per cent certified sustainable palm oil and palm oil derivatives used in its global emulsifier production.

This means the company’s entire global range of palm-based emulsifiers is now based on RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil and derivatives, which promotes the production of palm oil with greater consideration of its environmental and social impacts.

The DIMODAN HP 90-M is part of the broad DIMODAN range from DuPont Danisco, which is designed to help food manufacturers develop and produce hydrogenation-free products.

Based on sunflower, rapeseed, palm or soya bean oil, these emulsifiers are commonly used in bakery, oils, fats, dairy, frozen desserts, confectionery and plastics, and are available in various formats and packaging.