Nestlé cracking down on caged eggs within the EU

In line with their 2017 pledge to help animal welfare, Nestlé is now only using cage-free eggs in all European food products. The company, alongside food brands such as ALDI, Mondelēz and Unilever are also calling for the European Union to ban cages for laying hens. Read More

Choice launches free range egg app

Consumer group CHOICE has launched an app which provides consumers with an ‘augmented reality’ view of the various living conditions of birds categorised as ‘free range’. The app comes in the wake
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FSANZ responds to egg safety claims

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has released a statement refuting an article published in The Sydney Morning Herald which claimed that supermarkets are the ‘missing link’ in egg-related Salmonella protection.
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Most Aussies want free roaming hens according to Choice

Consumer advocacy group Choice has released its latest research highlighting consumers’ desire for a strong and meaningful free-range egg standard in Australia that would recognise the need for hens to regularly go outside, have room to move inside and outside, and for farmers to undertake animal welfare practices.
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